The Smallest Windows PC in 1995 Was Also a Phone! IBM Palm Top PC110

January 8, 2021 by 33 Comments

Not only was the IBM PalmTop PC 110 the world’s tiniest DOS and Windows subnotebook in 1995 but it also functioned as a telephone handset! Let’s take a look at this fantastic little 33MHz 486 computer from the mid ’90s, which also strove to be a personal organizer, a digital notepad, a desktop clock, a portable fax machine, and a digital camera all in one handheld device.

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33 Replies to “The Smallest Windows PC in 1995 Was Also a Phone! IBM Palm Top PC110”

  1. MrJav69 says:

    That thing is so cool I would use one nowadays. I used to have a Toshiba labreto I would rather of had the ibm

  2. this is like the first original GPD mini laptop 😄

  3. Atheist Jr. says:

    LGR has been making some of the most consistent and highest quality content on YouTube for over a decade. I can stop watching for months, and randomly think of the channel, and come back and there's a bunch of new uploads that are just as good as all of my favorite videos by him. The only thing that changes about the channel is the production value keeps increasing, the scale and ambition of the videos keeps growing, the community gets bigger, and now there's even more content with the two extra channels. If you were going to pick a favorite youtuber, you truly can't go wrong with Clint.

    Never change sir.

  4. This is cool! Now I want one

  5. Just Sander says:

    So many options and so easy to expand, notebooks nowadays only have 2 usb-c ports and absolutely no expansion options.

  6. freedoomed says:

    So what you are telling me is that IBM invented Sidetalkin', not Nokia

  7. Oh God I only wish I could rasberry pi that, it would make a great pihole

  8. ican't Feel says:

    I could imagine people from the future saying..
    " apparently External hard drives were a new concept so it was expensive and it only maxed out to 1TB"

  9. Shawn Parker says:

    This is the ancestor of the GPD WIN

  10. Had no idea the bridge battery system originated on this thing. Pretty weird to thing Lenovo still brands it the same way 25 years later.

  11. i wonder how small you could make a laptop that's theoretically usable today… a tiny raspberry pi with a tiny lil screen…

  12. You are becomming dennis ritchie. Your beard remindet me of him

  13. MonamiTech says:

    Galaxy Fold in 1995

  14. cujoedaman says:

    Amusing how it's a computer that's also a phone when today it's phones that are also computers 😀

  15. not gona lie id love to have a powerfull version of that today. looks amazing

  16. First smartphone of all times

  17. Here is a comment-y comment for your comment section.

  18. Tim W. says:

    This thing was decades ahead of its time. Insanely potent machine

  19. What’s is that at 16:45 I need that song name it sounds so familiar

  20. Frazzle Face says:

    Oh, beard! Haven't seen you for a while. I thought the thumbnail was showing an ancient LGR vid! I was looking for the old plaid chair! 🤣

  21. dionelr says:

    When did the beard come back? And in full force! Nice.

  22. just as the price on librettos starts to drop to acceptable levels again LGR mentions them in another video.

  23. TheFaTeOf says:

    Add ons like it's a sega genesis 😂

  24. Sidetalkin' IBM PalmTop

  25. KhalOisha78 says:

    Imaging side calling with the pcmcia hd attached…

  26. Gladi says:

    OMG thanks for including the shot at 10:04 !!! ive been looking for this game since i was a child and i had no clue what it was called! thank you!

  27. Ray Ceeya says:

    So it's basically a smart phone that needs to be plugged into the wall. Close IBM, but not quite there.

  28. 8675309. It's a song. Apparently…………..

    Have you tried commander X16? The emulator!
    It works on windows/linux apparently…
    It's a new modern recreation of the 8bit systems….