Top 10 Minecraft Shaders – 2021

January 30, 2021 by 26 Comments

Hey everyone! Today I’m here with my top 10 Minecraft shaders for 2021! Each and every one of these make Minecraft look amazing, so you should find what you are looking for. Enjoy!

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BSLex Shader –

Complementary Shaders –

Voyager Shader –

SORA Shaders –

Beyond Belief Shaders –

Zaly Warm Shaders (shaderLABS Discord, select all-of-negoros-projects, then pinned messages) –

MollyVX –

Continuum 2.1 –

Kappa Shaders –



BSL Shaders –

Chocapic13’s Shaders –

Oceano Shaders 3.0 –

SEUS Renewed –

Sildurs –

**If you’d like to use any of these shaders, you’ll need Optifine of course** –


0:00 Intro
0:20 Bonus shaders
0:53 Shaders introduction
2:53 Daytime/water reflections
4:17 Ocean with sunset
5:40 Nighttime
7:03 Max settings with resource pack



Stay True –

Vanilla PBR –

Patrix –




Minecraft Volume Beta – Taswell


26 Replies to “Top 10 Minecraft Shaders – 2021”

  1. NITzu says:

    This man needs to have a survival series

  2. Can you make video on "How to turn Minecraft into world of pirates" ??

  3. Enderlytra_ says:

    I AM early! Never been this early… =3

  4. ASYLK says:

    Fun fact: No one so far has watched the whole 9 minutes of this video

  5. FLEIER says:

    Mods used plz

  6. Kylo 00 says:

    Bsl is so underrated

  7. Finnally, stevelager

  8. Iron Content says:

    Continuum 2.1 gives me chills

  9. Stick Pale says:

    New video idea: How to turn minecraft into a complex survival game
    ( or something like that )
    Basically a video where you give us some mods for making minecraft survival harder and more realistic
    Two mods you might consider including: tough as nails: adds temperature and thirst
    First aid: body part damage ( you hit you're legs you walk slow, a skeleton gives you a headshot you literally die )
    This mods are for 1.12.2 ( best mods on this version so its obvious )

  10. Alguém;-; says:

    brazil zil zil zil

  11. SpookGun says:

    the funny when he show epic shaders

  12. Alternative title: Top 10 ways to destroy your computer

  13. Xennow says:

    Oh my God how big is his FOV that was so painfull to watch

  14. Minecraft001 says:

    Time to test out some lower end shaders!

  15. Lolipopem says:

    whats the best one for a low end pc

  16. JUL Studios says:

    Me: wuw theze r beutifull
    My PC : and oh

  17. The Finkie says:

    "OK, I'm not going to include BSL this time"…

    1. BSL edit
    2. BSL edit

  18. TheGronne says:

    This is just what I needed

  19. Crazy Beat says:

    Voyage Shader wins in my opinion

  20. Creeperising says:

    Can someone tell me how can he change the shaders mid-action?

  21. loved the video, but ur fov made me kinda dizzy, idk might be my eyes

  22. Wachaczi says:

    How did you get those nice looking trees?

  23. nafsii says:

    i want to buy a gaming pc just for playing minecraft

  24. Me watching this video even though i know my potato pc cant run it

  25. It's so good, it's scary