Top 50 Minecraft Mods Of The Year 2020 Part 1 | Alex’s Mobs, Better End, Autumnity and More!

January 7, 2021 by 25 Comments

I went through every mod created in 2020 (That’s over 7,000 mods!) to find the best mods of the year.

reddit –

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Links to all the mods are below.

0:00 Intro
1:26 Alex’s Mobs
1:57 Macaw’s Furniture, Trapdoors, Doors, Windows
2:25 Pam’s Harvestcraft 2 – Food Core, Food Extended, Crops, Trees
3:03 Extreme Sound Muffler
3:35 Ars Nouveau
4:16 YUNG’s Better Mineshafts
4:36 Origins, Origins: Classes
5:16 Polymorph
5:45 FTB Ultimine, FTB Essentials, FTB Teams
6:33 Farmer’s Delight
7:08 Savage & Ravage, Autumnity, Atmospheric
8:14 TerraForged
8:41 The Bumblezone
9:07 The Undergarden
9:39 Phosphor, Lithium, Sodium
10:36 Resourceful Bees
11:27 Eidolon
11:54 Repurposed Structures
12:20 Better End
13:24 Sandwichable
13:55 Outro

Alex’s Mobs:

Macaw’s Furniture:

Macaw’s Trapdoors:

Macaw’s Doors:

Macaw’s Windows:

Pam’s Harvestcraft 2 – Food Core:

Pam’s Harvestcraft 2 – Food Extended:

Pam’s Harvestcraft 2 – Crops:

Pam’s Harvestcraft 2 – Trees:

Extreme Sound Muffler:

Ars Nouveau:

YUNG’s Better Mineshafts:


Origins: Classes:


FTB Ultimine:

FTB Essentials:

FTB Teams:

Farmer’s Delight:

Savage & Ravage:




The Bumblezone:

The Undergarden:




Resourceful Bees:


Repurposed Structures:

Better End:


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25 Replies to “Top 50 Minecraft Mods Of The Year 2020 Part 1 | Alex’s Mobs, Better End, Autumnity and More!”

  1. Ahh its been six days make a new video

  2. Me: watches this video
    My crappy laptop: DON'T

  3. KittyQveen says:

    Omg I have Alex’s mobs

  4. kutay dal says:

    can you make best mods that keeps vanilla like gameplay you get the point i love those mods

  5. Androidc4 says:

    I must say that you're the best from all of the guys who makes mod showcases! Keep the great job!

  6. Nice Video! Can't wait for the part 2! And thank you SO much for making these videos, they helped me (and many others) make my moded survival world!

  7. What mod is that? The one that displays what block you're looking at? 1:29

  8. Magma Mage says:

    Can Someone provide me a link to the Ars Noveau mod!

  9. Jayden Piggs says:

    This guy sounds like goodtimeswithscar lol

  10. Timshka says:

    i dont know how to find good mods and you are my only help
    thank you

  11. mana and artifice should be there, if ars nouveau is allowed to be there

  12. Resourceful Bees just reminds me of Roblox' Bee Swarm Simulator

  13. God the quality of these mods makes me feel old for still using things like IC2 and Thaumcraft. And I'm not even that old..

  14. Ryan C says:

    Holy creeper! These mods are so good! Please make a modpack that has all of these mods!

  15. RoboSquatch says:

    What do you use to edit your mods?

  16. Eddie 99 says:

    Plz Make video on MCPE mods And outstanding work.Love from India❤️❤️

  17. Eddie 99 says:

    Literally All mods Are outstanding❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. mod Minecraft upgrade Addon is good

  19. Kronamadness says:

    I want to say a big THANK YOUUU to you. You helped me discover so many mods, I have a never finished complex homemade 1.12.2 modpack and was sad to see that not much mods made it to 1.16, yet you helped me discover a tons of new equivalent!
    Maybe I'll be able to make that modpack one day thanks to you 🙂

  20. <3 the video and channel Boodlynect! Keep up the good work! Cant wait till you hit 1 Million Subscribers!

  21. DesuniKU27 says:

    Tu siempre traes noticias hermosas y inspiras a los jugadores

  22. are this mods works on minecraft bedrock?