Top 50 Minecraft Mods Of The Year 2020 Part 2 | Dungeons Plus, Mo’ Structures, Ender Mail & More!

January 25, 2021 by 32 Comments

Here’s Part 1 if you missed it:

I went through every mod created in 2020 (That’s over 7,000 mods!) to find the best mods of the year. I narrowed it down to 66 mods, that I’ve grouped into 50 spots!

reddit –

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Links to all the mods are below.

0:00 Intro
1:22 Dungeons Plus
1:52 Bag of Yurting
2:11 EnderChests
2:31 Age of Exile / Dungeons of Exile
3:03 Campanion
3:19 Easy Villagers / Easy Piglins
3:43 Biome Makeover
4:25 Rotten Creatures
4:38 Lost Trinkets
4:56 Goblin Traders
5:21 Golden Hopper
5:35 Traveler’s Index
5:46 HT’s TreeChop
6:04 Moving Elevators
6:26 Pretty Pipes
6:59 Refined Pipes
7:20 Crash Utilities
7:35 Mo’ Structures
7:57 Sophisticated Backpacks
8:20 MCDoom Mod
8:40 Ender Mail
9:02 Decorative Blocks
9:29 Potions Master
9:48 Industrial Revolution
10:15 Guard Villagers
10:42 Supplementaries
11:01 Pedestals
11:42 The Conjurer
12:06 Guns Without Roses
12:30 Croptopia
12:45 Spiders 2.0
13:15 Vivecraft / Outro

Dungeons Plus:

Bag of Yurting:


Age of Exile:

Dungeons of Exile:

Easy Villagers:

Easy Piglins:


Biome Makeover:

Rotten Creatures:

Lost Trinkets:

Goblin Traders:

Golden Hopper:

Traveler’s Index:

HT’s TreeChop:

Moving Elevators:

Pretty Pipes:

Refined Pipes:

Crash Utilities:

Mo’ Structures:

Sophisticated Backpacks:

MCDoom Mod:

Ender Mail:

Decorative Blocks:

Potions Master:

Industrial Revolution:

Guard Villagers:



The Conjurer:

Guns Without Roses:


Spiders 2.0:

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32 Replies to “Top 50 Minecraft Mods Of The Year 2020 Part 2 | Dungeons Plus, Mo’ Structures, Ender Mail & More!”

  1. Ew no says:

    I have not watched your channel in a few months due to lack of interest in Minecraft but I'm so happy you earned a big following 😀 Hope you reach 100k

  2. nobody:
    ghast in 1:27 : hey look i am stuck in basalt

  3. Coronavirus says:

    Where can u get mods that don’t get viruses??

  4. modern720 says:

    That’s an evil number bruh

  5. but new viersen is relaesed 2020

  6. quantum noob says:

    Hey boodlyneck, what happened to mods of all time?

  7. THE PenguTR says:

    Very nice mods Thx for the recommendations

  8. Do you think you could link the mod downloads in the desc? Idk if that's too much work cause I don't make these videos keep up the good work

  9. IAmPie says:

    Hi! I'm a recent subscriber and huge fan of your channel! You're videos are so entertaining and I love watching them! I really appreciate that you have chapters, they are incredibly useful and convenient! I was wondering if you would be able to possible have captions? The auto-generated ones aren't the greatest and I have a hard time hearing. Anyway, I love your videos so much and keep up the great work!

  10. Dylan Haire says:

    I’d like to see a minecraft 1.16 mod tier list similar to this if you haven’t already made one.

  11. Kaesium says:

    7:35 guys its Obama's house

  12. You should definitely make all these into a mod pack that would be awsome

  13. Please make a better mod of general layman’s spying glass mod

  14. mungling lau says:

    This is the best mob ever

  15. Anyone use Croptopia? If so, what do you think?

  16. Thank you so much for the spider warning 😂

  17. Naj Litarvan says:

    did you heard of occultism, semm's like an interesting and promising mod

  18. SomeKindaSpy says:

    fabric needs more mods

  19. IceMetalPunk says:

    Is the Enigmatica series still going on, or has that ended?

  20. Nimit Sonani says:

    hey what was that mod which allows you to skip enchantment at cost of lapiz pls tell me i've been searching for it from too long

  21. Ryan Jhon says:

    If I want to download some mod I always watch his video and figure out what to download.

  22. That all mods work in pocket Edition ?

  23. Corespi Pi says:

    Hey, can I suggest a mod? "Craftonia Dimension" is a cool mod I found not so long ago

  24. Jett Martin says:

    I found a mod called magicalsculpture, it adds a structure which if you put in different items in it, it can give you effects, I wont spoil it all.

  25. FINNCRAFT 55 says:

    Make a top 10 minecraft bedrock mods

  26. heesel says:

    People who want a good text editor if Atom ain't your thing. Try Visual Studio Code. It's really good!

  27. O_o says:

    Please tell us some MINECRAFT POCKET EDITION mods 🥺

  28. You didn't feature create? Aw man, it's so good and has hundreds of possibilities!!

  29. Hey! Great video, can you maby make a modpack of some of these mods that are included? That would be fun!

  30. Shreks THumb says:

    Bruh the plant one is pretty much just pams harvest craft