Trash To Treasure – Casting Headpiece to Staff Of Ra – Indiana Jones – ASMR Metal Melting- BigStackD

January 29, 2021 by 46 Comments

A few Avoidable fails today’s but I got there in the end, today I meltdown a couple of old brass blocks and turn them into one of my favourite movie pieces the head piece to The Staff Of Ra from the movie Raiders of the lost Ark. I also do a heap of dog Paw pieces so sit back relax and enjoy the next 20+ minutes and most importantly have your self an awesome weekend and I’ll see you sensational subs next Friday👋🏻😁
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  1. It’s an extra long video for my viewers today, I just couldn’t not show the casting fails as thats a large part of what this channel is. Today I cast the headpiece to The Staff Of Ra from the Indiana Jones film Raiders of the lost Ark. This is another piece that I’ve always wanted ever since I saw the film years ago when I was a lot younger. I had a few fails which were all my own fault but I finally got there in the end with now one of my favourite pieces for the shelf. So sit back relax grab a drink and enjoy this video and I hope to see use all again next week. Now I’m finally working on some Merch for the people that have been asking for months and months so hopefully I’ll get that up and running over the next month or so . I hope everyone has a happy safe weekend and I’ll see you all soon😁👋🏻

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    Good stuff man 🙂

  3. I shouldn't be awake. But thanks for this.

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    EI primero creo?

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    Hi I am your big fan.

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    YES! New video day is one of my favorite parts of the week!!

  10. I stayed up till 12 am just for this video? Good stuff man keep it up😀

  11. I live for Fridays!!!!

  12. I thinks it's super

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    I love you man good clip I'm from Iran 😀💝💝💝💝💝👍👍👍👋👋👋💯💥💯

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    Always looking forward to your videos thanks for making such great content!

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    Nice! Getting ready to order my first Devil Forge. Can’t wait to start melting the world! Love your videos…and those doggies! They are the most adorable! Great channel!

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  19. Love your creativity bro ❤️

  20. yay thanks for making my day better i actually live in the same area as u but i might send u stuff if u want i started melting after my school trip to the perth mint last year and i saw them do some pouring and melting and i just fell in love with doin it so i went online bought some moulds and found out my grandad did lead melting when he was younger and he still had some stuff left over so i could do it and from then on he has been teaching me i m gonna start aluminium melting soon so thanks

  21. i totally forgot if this was friday

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    Can u make mould of yous puppies

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    Not bad… make a stargate next~

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    Зделае железные лица твоих пёсиков

  25. wow , amazing good videos

  26. Me: I should sleep
    YT: wanna watch this week's melt?
    Me: sold! :v

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    Yeah, you can keep those spiders in Australia! Lol. Yech!! 🍻👍 much love from canada

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    Are you really asked often about the bird noises to have to mention you don't add them? Also great melt loved the paw prints.

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    Besides the metal melting, im always excited to see the boys.

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    Classic! Mate.. your Vids are hypnotic! nugget and ingot? Great buddies. Nice work👍👍

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    Toss the spider in the crucible, it draws out impurities 😉

  32. Happy Friday D, I hope you and the family are well 🙂 im looking forward to another epic Friday melt and drinks with the boys <3 I also wanted to apologies for typing pretty much the same thing every week, I have autism and ADHD so my mind can be a bit limited at times when communicating 🙂

  33. If you wanted it to me more shiny, why didn't you just cast it in nordic gold?