10 Awesome Minecraft Mods You Have Probably Never Heard Of 19

February 23, 2021 by 35 Comments

Hey everyone! Here are 10 more Minecraft mods you have likely never heard of. Each of these mods currently have under 100,000 downloads. Enjoy!

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Epic Fight Mod –

Chlorine –

Black Hole –

Better Biome Blend –

Omni –

Damage Tint –

YUNG’s Better Portals –

Elenai Dodge 2 –

Desolation –

Creatures and Beasts –


Minecraft Forge –

Fabric –


0:00 Intro
0:18 Epic Fight Mod
0:39 Chlorine
1:05 Black Hole
1:24 Better Biome Blend
1:45 Omni
2:04 Damage Tint
2:19 YUNG’s Better Portals
2:45 Elenai Dodge 2
3:00 Desolation
3:20 Creatures and Beasts
3:39 Outro



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Video Link: https://youtu.be/KzQiRABVARk


35 Replies to “10 Awesome Minecraft Mods You Have Probably Never Heard Of 19”

  1. andronix says:

    can you use both optifine and chlorine at the same time?

  2. Ginorsk says:

    Enderite Mod 1.16.3 for Forge and Fabric by pitti11

  3. Why don't you get 1000M subscriber

  4. bRuhN0 says:

    Pin me or ur bad.

    I'm not a child, and the way I'm talking is a joke way to talk.

  5. Wait…are those… do I see flying hamburgers in the background
    Edit: oh just flying pufferfishes

  6. TASMIM AHMED says:

    The Intro Always Have A Speciality

  7. TASMIM AHMED says:

    The Intro Always Have A Speciality

  8. TASMIM AHMED says:

    im just thinking about epic fight mod and…

  9. Flying puffer fish

  10. Yes says:

    Epic Fight Mod doesn't work with modded armors, the armor looks all glitched, doesn't have the correct model, and looks like the technical difficulties bars

  11. i still suggest redstone minus redstone

  12. AnPhuTVG says:

    imagine Dream vs hunter with epic fight mod installed

  13. AsianHalfSquat Do you have a discord? Also, what server host do you use?

  14. You are best for suggesting mods

  15. Rygoa says:

    What was the name of the mod that highlights thing that went into your inventory based on rarity?

  16. Alexander says:

    What shaders in outro?

  17. gin-gineer says:

    ah, yes…

    flying pufferfish…

  18. Simone says:

    2:49 did anyone said ultra instinct?

  19. Does Epic Fight Mod work well with Spartan Shields/Weapons?

  20. Zunlite says:

    "why is it taking so long"
    /blackhole gro-
    blackhole starts expanding
    "oh shit oh shit oh shit"

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hey everyone! 😀 I hope you stay safe and have a nice day, God bless you! <3

  22. Khiro YT says:

    Epic fight is still on alpha test

  23. Hakyfuzz says:

    I love searching for mobs in the background of his intros

  24. CXANIX says:

    Well i am having the first mod

  25. KiwiVibes says:

    Oh we're finally numbering these now? Lol I was under the impression we were on way higher than episode 19!

  26. Hakyfuzz says:

    AsianHalfSquat: publishes a video

    Everyone: "Quick, think of something funny!"

  27. The ghoster says:

    You can use shaders with soudium now i guess

  28. Max K. says:

    Optfine is the fucking king of Lag Spikes. Any suggestions how i could change that?

  29. Julian Mrtns says:

    Earlyyyyy sqauddd