AFK Copper Farm with Looting 3! (Simple) | 1.17 Minecraft

February 19, 2021 by 47 Comments

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New automatic farm for copper that’s AFK with looting 3! This simple/easy design can be build up in 20 miniutes and produces 40 ingot/hr. 1.17 Minecraft snapshot the caves and cliffs update!

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AFK Copper Farm with Looting 3! (Simple) | 1.17 Minecraft

Rays Works


47 Replies to “AFK Copper Farm with Looting 3! (Simple) | 1.17 Minecraft”

  1. Rays Works says:

    New way to automatically get copper in 1.17! We made a cool farm to get it with looting 3 while AFK!
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  2. Why dont you slap the drownds?

  3. MinYi Tan says:

    POV: you’re looking for a famous persons comments when ur early lol

  4. slowfrost says:

    This will be really useful for building. Hopefully there will be even more features for copper.

  5. I like your farm designs that utilise thorns x)
    Eating rotten flesh drops to heal, very nice

  6. Player: Every time a snapshot comes out, you always build a fa-.

    Raysworks: IT’S THE LAW!

  7. Veer _1206 says:

    This is cool! But honestly what is a major use of copper? I genuinely don't know.

  8. Can you make a gold fram for xbox

  9. Mojang : We haven't even released the final version yet, you are so fast

  10. Hot Take: All mob farms that drop resources like copper, iron or these type of things should be a temporary solution to the current lack of renewability of it, I'd like a better farming mechanic for it rather than just killing a mob like cobblestone generators.

    Edit: The current resource mob farms are just super uninteresting and unintuitive, although I do not think the mobs that drop those items should stop dropping those; I do think it should changed to the point where it's not as efficient as the future mechanic-based resource farms which would encourage the possibly better and easier alternative farm. (and these mechanic-based resource farms should be more versatile/effective than the current mob farms if done in certain ways).

  11. wait drowned drop copper now?


  12. Why don't you just waterlogg a cobweb that way it takes them 30 s to pass transforming them into drowned

  13. WPG Central says:

    Wouldn't the chicken from the chicken jockeys drown in the water and never would end up down on the bottom?

  14. Bedrock players *Trident Killer*

  15. why havent you killed them with sword

  16. SC Caetano says:

    What if your armour breaks from the thorns

  17. I'd rather mine for copper. This farm is useful for skyblock and stuff.

  18. In this regard bedrock is better. It has a feature called "trident killers". I hope mojang gives it to java too. It's a fantastic feature to farm mobs. Most mob farms in bedrock use trident killers

  19. THKlasen says:

    Ray: Fully AFKable copper farm WITH looting III!
    Me: He did it again. He’s a genius.

    Seriously. This guy is the only Minecraft YouTuber I watch anymore. Absolutely brilliant.

  20. B0R0M says:

    imagine minecraft without rays work
    it would be so boring

  21. Unleashed75 says:

    Can i just point out the mention of it being a 20 minute build in a video that's 16 minutes long 😉
    It's really hard to find any spawners since around the aqua update and i would guess much harder with the new cave updates.
    I wonder what the stats are for finding a spawner with each update and best way to find one with the upcoming updates

  22. cylops mii says:

    Full enchanted daimond armor: early game

  23. Tokkiet says:

    Try a trident killer, its the way how we on bedrock edition kill mobs from farms since we dont have sweeping edge, looting 3 effect also works on it

  24. No says:

    It's kinda weird because… well I don't remember who suggested it but, it would've made more sense if husks dropped copper. Or maybe not more sense, but the three zombie types would've had a metal type each, and that's just kinda neat.

    Hrm… missed opportunity. Much like all of minecraft.

  25. Jerzozwierz says:

    Snapshot: being relased
    Mojang: nervous sounds when looking at rays youtube

  26. Parker Lee says:

    Okay, i tried asking this while he was building the farm, but i didnt see a change log that said they made converted drowned drop copper, as they didnt before. Did they change that? EDIT: also love the clock design, i would never have thought of that!

  27. Hojjat says:

    10:10 so, you're saying that Dream will die in 2 minutes if he does this?

  28. Ok and what can we do with copper?

  29. EasyGoingMC says:

    That’s a pretty cool timer!

  30. Ryan Allsop says:

    Are composters over hoppers better than furnaces or droppers?

  31. Why are you soooo clever ? how can you … wtf?

  32. Hojjat says:

    OK. That hopper clock idea was genius. Great job.

  33. Arpit Kumar says:

    When the inescapable prison video is coming?…

  34. サゲル王 says:

    Hope the Spawner method not be patched.

  35. I’ve never noticed this not working, but with doors: the half of the block you place it on determines where the hinges go (with making double doors, I haven’t tested, but it seems they’d line up more with the existing door than the block half logic)

  36. 10 copper blocks per hour :^)

    Definetly going to mine it, because this farm, while i appreciate the intention, sucks, sucks a lot lmao

  37. Soooo if zombies drop iron, and drowned’s drop copper now, do husks drop gold now?
    Edit: I looked it up, husks normally dropped iron. I don’t know if it’s different now but yeah

  38. For healing just pop a regeneration beacon

  39. Jimvd dijk says:

    did they remove the gold drop from drownd?