35 Replies to “Casually Explained: High School”

  1. I have misspelled ribsomes as risobome and i felt embarrassed back then(it was like 4 years ago!!)😂😂 i don't why i even remember it🤣.

  2. As a 17 year old I can confirm

  3. Oh… so thats how its pronounced

  4. ONI says:

    Fucking gamer lmao

  5. Ah yes, for the most people

  6. Nicefisher says:

    High school in 2021: zoom
    I hate zoom

  7. Maggie Mundt says:

    The DVD video logo I am dead

  8. Nelson Seabe says:

    Height and length …

  9. 8pagesofalex says:

    “A lot of teenagers think they are-“ title card

  10. Nicholas Teo says:

    Why does casually explained sound like berd

  11. Ben Dover says:

    At 1:25 I’ve had someone in my class do that in middle school. One of the funniest things I forgot until this video.

  12. Dukus says:

    Holy crap 2:04 is literally the truest thing I’ve ever seen

  13. "Some will go into comp sci to be as charismatic as Mark Zuckerburg"

    Charismatic isn't the first word I'd use

  14. Lord Feish says:

    Alr lets just take that, voluntarily remove all of the dating part, get rid of the social anxiety, add in a fuck ton of actual schoolwork, and the douse the whole thing in viruses and you got my hs life thus far

  15. Tom Dickens says:

    If you aren't able to order a custom sandwich at subway, just get a prebuilt. I prefer the Italian BMT.

  16. Tom Dickens says:

    Honestly the worst thing post high school is seeing your crush get married and start spewing out kids, knowing that you had your chance, and now she's with someone else.

  17. Samuel says:

    1:59 Jesus Christ i think that's the truest thing ive ever heard

  18. Bon Be says:

    College be tutorial
    Adult life be hardcore mode where you are suddenly given thousands of debuffs

  19. dForce13 says:

    "the good news is you have a long life ahead of you"
    not if i have anything to say about it buster brown


  21. DiamondLuc says:

    1:21, I really felt that

  22. Jershon YT says:



    Using Drug, And Getting girl pregnant and fucking up for the rest of their life xD

  23. BlueAnimated says:

    Life is a game
    Family: starter pack
    Childhood: tutorial
    Adulthood: full game
    Death: DLC, it costs your current storyline, when bought you can’t go back.

  24. "This all changes when you’re an adult because people are lonely and keep their thoughts to themselves" – that one hit too close to home

  25. Fresh Milk says:

    Ugh no it's not like I'm confident enough to date… I just don't want to okay?… Uabsjak HAHAHAHA

  26. CJ Jackson says:

    Dating is a lot harder when school is virtual

  27. Hyp0 says:

    These videos are positive and negative at the same time how tf do u do that ?

  28. MrHimypeeps says:

    "All you have to do is glance at your crush during class now and then. Make eye contact at some point. and then you just fantasize about your relationship for the next 3 years until they start dating someone else."

    I. Have been. Attacked.

  29. Yeah high school really is liking someone until eventually they date someone else lol

  30. Infinity says:

    Athletes, Jock, Stud, 'Gamer', whatever you like to call yourself 😤😂
    Where's my nerd fam at?

  31. As a 16 year old I see this as very informative on why when I bump my head it starts up the jumanji theme song.

  32. Please bring back the mug!

  33. Dean Wellik says:

    God that dating part was a little too accurate, you don't have to call me out like that lol

  34. 4:27 it's kind of racist that you assume they're trying to have sex with Europeans. They could be trying to have sex with people in plenty of other continents!

  35. so trueeeee :DDDDD