Flawless Fire Sprinkler Bar – Trash To Treasure – ASMR Metal Melting – BigStackD Casting

February 19, 2021 by 48 Comments

Hey there all you awesome viewers how are you all today? I hope you’ve had an unbelievable week and an even better weekend. Now Quite regularly I get pieces of scrap sent to me from my subscribers and today I get through a little bit of it, all pieces I get sent to me I will 100% definitely melt down at some point hopefully in the near future on this channel. As you may have noticed I try to mix it up with my videos so you don’t get bored with the same thing over and over again but I’ll definitely be doing another Subscriber scrap meltdown in the near future. Today I melt down a heap of pendant brass fire sprinklers that was sent to me from One of my subs but as that was only 1 kg worth I thought I would use up some of my really bad scrap and do a heap of other stuff so the total amount came in at well over 3 kg. The sprinkler bar came out absolutely perfectly & I gave it my usual custom stamp , I wanted to stamp BigStackD Brass Bullion on there but it looked so good with just my personal stamp on there I thought that would be fine. Anyway guys and gals I love you all and I really appreciate you tuning in each week and I hope you stick around for the foreseeable future.
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I start with an 80 grit flap disc on my angle grinder then I use my drill with 50 mm round sanding discs . I start with 150 grit then go through the following Grits 240-400-800 Then once I get to the following Grits I use a small squirt of WD-40 1200-1500-2000-2500-3000. The WD40 helps to lubricate the discs and stops the sanding disk binding up with the metal powder . Then after that I use my buffer wheel on my bench grinder to get a perfect mirrored finish on it??????.


Fire Sprinkler Flawless Bar – Trash To Treasure – ASMR Metal Melting – BigStackD Casting

I hate to be alone with my thoughts at night!🤔


48 Replies to “Flawless Fire Sprinkler Bar – Trash To Treasure – ASMR Metal Melting – BigStackD Casting”

  1. Hi everyone I hope you have all had a great week. Today I’m melting down some fire sprinklers sent in by a subscriber. Something a little different turned into a perfect shiny bar to add to the shelf 👌🏻
    Thankyou for all your continued support whether you just drop in to watch 1 vid or stick around and watch every week👍🏻
    Now sit back and Enjoy today’s melt and have an awesome weekend my friends D 😆🍻
    I’m looking at starting my Merch soon so if anyone has any designs they think might look good on them be sure to hit me up on my email with your idea and if it’s something I will use I’ll be sure to send some free Merch your way as well as a couple coins or something😁


  2. What was the reason you used pliers to pick up the crucible?
    For the rest of the video, great work!

  3. Videos literally been out for 5 minutes and 2 people have already disliked it without even finishing the video

  4. Now its a good Friday morning a peaceful start to my long work day

  5. Madzilla says:

    If you’re saying don’t use pliers, how come you did? Not trying to be a smartass I’m just wondering

  6. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. do a car thats for scrap

  8. Gwen Yu Soon says:

    Ooo looking good so far :DD

  9. brian_jokes says:

    This guy is who they based junkrat from overwatch on. I can’t wait for the brass grenade launcher and rip tire assembly videos.

  10. Just in time to help me get to sleep 🙂

  11. Crucibles that are no longer useable could be turn into plant pots …

  12. David Bates says:

    Great video again. Would like to see someone do a small version of an old time 2 man tree saw. I have failed it over and over as can never get all the teeth and end rings- (for wood dowel handles) all correct before somehow it stops flow. Just a suggestion if you get the opportunity!

  13. Dre Green says:

    Finally something good to watch b4 bed Good looks

  14. Ryhab Whit says:

    5 minutes into a bigstack video, and i get a notification that there's a new bigstack video. Sorry youtube, you're too slow for me

  15. Bro I am tired of saying love your videos , love your dog's , love your melting , love everything about your videos ❤️❤️❤️ .

  16. The Chad says:

    Love your videos! Ordered a Devil Forge and it's on the way! Thanks for the discount code!!

  17. GrockleTD says:

    ooooo fresh bigstackD. nice.

  18. Joey Nunes says:

    Can you pour the molten metal on ice

  19. James Snider says:

    Love the videos i even watch the older ones great video my friend.

  20. Are those birds magpiy

  21. What alloy is copper and brass

  22. Animal says:

    Nice ring, mate 👌

  23. fogo zagado says:

    Poor crucible 😭😭🙏🙏

  24. Sid Colwell says:

    About a week ago driving to work. There was a bent/ran over aluminum ladder. Next day it was gone. Was that you? I would have scrapped it if I could have. Money. 👍👍🇺🇸🇦🇺

  25. David Nimmo says:

    As always Cheers from America! 🍻🍻

  26. Mr. Truth says:

    Twinkle, twinkle sprinkler brick, casting you I won't get sick.

    Way below the sun so high molten glowing in my eyes.

  27. Hey big stacked. How much would you charge me to make a Nordic gold two and a half pound Cuban link chain. I'll pay for it I don't have a lot of money but exactly how much metal do I need and where do I send it

  28. You know the guy's good when he microscopes his dust for re-melts.🔬🤓👍

  29. RLROSE1986 says:

    Ah yes, best way to fall asleep!. Thanks for all the vids!. I watch every week 😁.

  30. Каждый раз с большим удовольствием смотрю твои видео, минимум слов- максимум дела! Как всё организованно и порядок в помещениях! Ну а четвероногие питомцы вообще выше всяких похвал! Молодец, продолжай в том же духе!

  31. Not a bad little melt. Simple but satisfying lol. I still wish you would make some cast molds og the dogs; the same shapes as the ice molds. That would probably be the perfect signature pieces for your collection.

    Happy melting friend.

  32. Excuse me if you don’t mind me asking how much would that block of metal go for if you were planning to sell it?

  33. BIGGY FANTASTIC JOB MATE always nice to wake up to a awesome video its 3am here lol THANKS BIGGY a good way to start my day👍😎🇨🇦👍😎🇨🇦👍😎🇨🇦

  34. Bo Conway says:

    I use to hate them crows at 4am in summer

  35. RAY says:

    Is your Instagram account disabled ?!
    I tried to enter via the link and it didn't work!

  36. articjackal says:

    This is a comment.

  37. Up with my wife and newborn baby, seen the vid and had to watch! Much love from USA !!

  38. gotta say i love it when the spoon makes a showing during the melt. idk something about spooning the dust and slag out just makes me feel good

  39. Mike Wolff says:

    Always enjoy watching ur videos, seeing the puppies, and watch that stack get bigger n heavier! Then cleaning n polishing too.

  40. Melt the saxophone next

  41. Love what you do but one question how come you never show your face?