Generate Crackable Handshakes with the ESP8266 [Tutorial]

February 27, 2021 by 13 Comments

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Use a D1 Mini as Safe & Legal Wi-Fi to Hack
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 211

If you want to practice capturing handshakes on your wireless network adapter, it’s actually possible to do so using a single ESP8266 device. Using a D1 Mini, we’ll generate both sides of a Wi-Fi handshake, simulating a device joining a Wi-Fi network nearby. Hackers can use this to practice capturing handshakes and cracking them.

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13 Replies to “Generate Crackable Handshakes with the ESP8266 [Tutorial]”

  1. A says:

    15 Seconds Ago?! 🤨😳

  2. TwinzTv_Yt says:

    My fav in depth computer hacker

  3. Ethical iMad says:

    Hi 👍
    Null Byte

  4. SS says:


  5. æ says:

    Put all this hardware hacking tools into an AI robot and you'll be the best hacker in the world!

  6. abx xyz says:

    Is the attack like deauth and then capture handshake or the Krack vulnerability in wpa2?

  7. Andre Tarvok says:

    you guys are great as always. sucks that youtube keeps banning hacking content.