Maybe upgrading is pointless…..

February 8, 2021 by 47 Comments

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PCI Express gen 4 has been around for over a year and a half now – But it hasn’t really made much of a difference… Does that change with Ryzen 5000, RTX 3000, and Radeon 6000?

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47 Replies to “Maybe upgrading is pointless…..”

  1. Jorgeb says:

    1:08 Damn, thats one dirty MOBO.

  2. daniel yuen says:

    0:45 Just Linus’ presence can make products drop. We might have just witnessed Linus’ next evolution in action!

  3. CK MONDAVI says:

    Starting to think that motherboard drop was deliberate! Come on Linus, no one is that unlucky…

  4. Jaswhatski says:

    heres a tech tip dont let Linus near a product to reveiw it. ; )

  5. nisetsu says:

    MSI will screw you on warranty.

  6. let be honest. This was the best part of the video:D

  7. Anuran Oo says:

    God Source Engine

  8. DezTheBot says:

    well it well make a HUGE Diffrence for me…… i have a 1060 3gb

  9. Ali Houadef says:

    He is doing it on purpose. lame

  10. Blankspace says:

    Gonna get my 4080 before I get a 3060

  11. ePlus says:

    At this point y'all should be wondering why the hell isn't their workplace floor completely made of pillows.

  12. I've been rocking a 980TI for 9 years on my main PC, playing Star Citizen, Cyberpunk 2077, Dyson Sphere Program recently with no problems. My girlfriend has a 2080TI and there is a 2070 and a 1070 in random computers around the house. I can say after almost a decade, that there has not being a compelling reason to upgrade my main gaming PC in about a decade up until recently with AMD CPUs, and that's about it.

  13. Gen 4 cards have hdmi 2.1 though.

  14. Dantali0n says:

    DirectStorage is great but relies on peer-to-peer DMA transfers which are only supported on the same PCIe root complex and is only an optional feature across root complexes. Currently, the Linux kernel even outright blocks and p2pdma transfers across root complexes as there is no way to verify / query if this optional feature is supported. p2pdma is similar to RDMA, a dma feature in networking cards Linus already covered earlier.

  15. Have a 1060. Didn’t wanna spend $700+ on a 3070. Got a Series X instead.

  16. Ashwin Kumar says:

    Other games: Why can't you be normal
    CS:GO: *screams in pcie 4

  17. rabooey says:

    Lead off with trashing a nice piece of hardware you get a thumbs down

  18. 0:45 Linus pulls a Linus

  19. he NSI a the end of the video not MSI

  20. brian juarez says:

    I cried watching that fall LMAOOO

  21. Chaks243 says:

    MSI: Sponsors Video

    Linus: Drops MSI Mobo immediately after ad

    MSI: "Wait, you weren't supposed to do this"

  22. Yes he dropped it 🤘😁

  23. Wrasko says:

    I thought that it was an another fake drop.. Wasn't ready for a real one

  24. Skotch says:

    Surprised you guys havent reported on USB issues when running gen 4. Seems to be pretty consistent across mobo makers with the new 3000 series cards

  25. Cat Arcade says:

    linus gonna wear a beanie the rest of his life

  26. Konrad says:

    In the future this added Bandwidth might help with Thunderbolt Egpus, right? The are currently bottlenecked by only having 4 PCI-E Lanes.

  27. Robert M says:

    1:02 Linus looks a bit shaky there.

  28. John Doe says:

    Yeah I am comment #813!

  29. t0mn8r says:

    Wash your mouth out with soap! Blasphemer!!! 😛

  30. PCB dropping sounds

  31. Knife Kitty says:

    2:19 *most powerful gpu on paper, not market

  32. Renato says:

    dropping things with your mind its a whole new level

  33. Krysis215 says:

    A poetic way to start the vid.

  34. Joke's on you, I used to run an RX 580 on Gen 2

  35. TJ Choe says:

    0:50 all we are here for. Clap Clap Clap

  36. King Cake says:

    Linus… why u do dis?!?!?

  37. Vyond says:

    It's not a LTT video without linus dropping something

  38. danceofcurse says:

    Its the ram. More ram. More ram. System ram. Gpu ram. More ram. More ram. System ram. Gpu ram.More ram. More ram. System ram. Gpu ram.More ram. More ram. System ram. Gpu ram.More ram. More ram. System ram. Gpu ram.

  39. Stargazer says:

    It's not a theory, it's a hypothesis. Please.

  40. He’s just farming Linus drop tips at this point.

  41. hallmark linus video here. sponsor gets shat on and the product gets dropped – all within the 1st minute.

  42. Tl;dr: not something to upgrade, but when you're building a new pc from scratch, PCIe4 is nice to have.

  43. Amslapped says:

    Linus Drop Tips

  44. george singh says:

    intel's 11th gen are coming in laptops then why not for desktops?

  45. that highway analogy was perfect