New Mining Tricks for 1.17 Minecraft Cave Update

February 27, 2021 by 22 Comments

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New cave mining tricks and tips for 1.17 Minecraft the caves and cliffs update! What is the best way to find diamonds in deep caves? Strip mining, beacon haste mining, tunnel boring, surface mining, cave spelunking and more!

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New Mining Tricks for 1.17 Minecraft Cave Update

Rays Works


22 Replies to “New Mining Tricks for 1.17 Minecraft Cave Update”

  1. Rays Works says:

    New tricks and tips for mining in 1.17 deep caves!
    More 1.17 Simple Farms:

  2. Poku95 PL says:

    0:43 no way, that have to be creeper spawner (ironic)

  3. Tiago Matias says:

    imagine an infinite giant lush cave !!!!!!!

  4. The tuff block is not really tough lol.

  5. Murph says:

    I really like the mobs being more spread out, it will increase the spookiness as mobs wont be around every corner. long periods of silence knowing a mob could be around any corner but not knowing sure.

  6. That creeper 😂
    Very good and detailed video 👍

  7. And don't forget to watch out for creepers

  8. endzer says:

    Thanks for the information. Your amazing!

  9. AmpeR says:

    0:43 is that a fucking creeper spawner on the right?

  10. It is looking like Geode Clusters in Loaded Chunks are going to be prime sites to build permanent long term Bases in, but what other features would you look for to build by besides the Geode Clusters? Features such as Rivers, Witch Huts, Slime Chunks, Underwater Temples, Fortresses, Mushroom Islands, etc. come to mind, but which pairing do you think would give the best bang for your buck? Also, with Coal becoming rarer the deeper you go, there is less chance that you will have enough Torches to Spawn Proof or even Explore those areas. I suggest before going Deep Caving, to stock up on Wood Blocks and Smelt them into Charcoal for your Torches. And don't neglect gearing up to at least Iron, before exploring the new Deep Dark regions of your world. Full Iron Armor, a Shield and Water Buckets, alongside a ton of Torches will go a long way to ensure your survival until you can upgrade to Diamonds. Oh, and don't forget food. There isn't much to eat down there, as most of the Mobs will eat you instead. And unlike the Nether, you can easily use Maps in the Overworld and the End. A 16:1 Map in your hand will show the Surface Features, and can track your movements underground. Having a full Inventory of anything, doesn't do any good if you die with it, or you can't find your way back out to the Surface. GL/GH!

  11. SpacEagle 17 says:

    I liked the Borkon shout-out! And great video!

  12. Jeff Axe says:

    "you need night vision"
    Fulbright which is allowed even on hypixel – lmao

  13. Very helpful video! Thanks!

  14. SmpKnght says:

    Is dps (diamonds per second) higher strip mining in deep slate or stone with max speed mining?

  15. Dommy kun says:

    i really like this change!
    I always liked the idea of ​​having a mine system with specific levels with peak efficiency for specific ores.
    and we still have an option to find all ores and mining machines still works below zero.

  16. Erase Fire says:

    You're so big brain

  17. Michael W says:

    "Wary of night vision potion and…" creepers

  18. Evatan says:

    Wow you’re the only YouTuber that does these types of videos thanks

  19. Closer2Zero says:

    Ah yes great wonderful. Now i get to spend even more time mindless mining for ores instead of just being able to go to Y14 and bang them all out. Just what i wanted, more grinding
    Edit; ah even more wonderful, that ores are less likely to spawn with open Air. Which means even more strip mining is required. Nice

  20. The deepslate will make insta beacon mining for diamond almost obsolete