The AdLib Gold Experience: Is it really worth $3000?

February 5, 2021 by 49 Comments

The Ad Lib Gold 1000 sound card from 1992 sells for crazy high prices. But why? Let’s unbox one and see if it lives up to its legendary reputation by delving into its history, determining why it failed, and seeing how it actually performs on early 90s PC hardware. And of course, play Dune. 🎶

● Thanks to Jim for lending me the card!

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49 Replies to “The AdLib Gold Experience: Is it really worth $3000?”

  1. Braskus says:

    Be interesting to see the modern audio market if it weren't for that scumbaggery.. Somebody needed to beat that guys face in with an adlib…

  2. umm a solid gold card made in 1992 expo sevilla times… great

  3. turborunner says:

    You tried that lh command infront of the drivers to load it into high memory instead of conventional memory may help with those games that need as much free conventional memory as possible.

  4. Mm…. I loved Stunts back in the day. Still had my floppies until recently.

  5. When the card was in the bag the back of it looked like woodgrain!

  6. Josh Hyland says:

    Owning the Ad-libs

  7. We had Sound Blaster 16 back in 1992
    June 1992

    Sound Blaster 16 (June 1992), the successor to the Sound Blaster Pro, introduced CD-quality digital audio to the Sound Blaster line.
    This was awesome for one must fall 2097 doom sim city 2000 commander keen games ect. Oh and mechwarrior 2 mercenaries.

  8. AlphaMax says:

    Is it possible to emulate this card in the emulator PCEM? I really am curious if you can. Someone let me know if possible.

  9. Josh Grutza says:

    Green Jelly Space Walk

  10. Moody VGA Sting is Moody.

  11. Kilometers says:

    Gold… Experience…


  12. Considering you own an MT-32, the fact you gave this any attention fascinates me. You really do go above and beyond.

  13. When chipsets started getting good enough PCM audio, Aureal was working on 3d accelerated audio and 3d positional audio frameworks, but Creative did what creative do and ran them out of business, too.

  14. I get more excited watching new old stock getting opened than I do the latest tech gadgets.

  15. Decitronic says:

    God, that 3d vocalist on the cover art is HORRIFIC.

  16. mrtiff99 says:

    Great video. Thanks

  17. I truly, ABSOLUTELY multi billion percent, hope that smell-o-vision NEVER EVER EVER E-V-E-R becomes a thing. NEVER EVER. Thank you. No Thank you.

  18. XSportSeeker says:

    Am I remembering this wrong, or did Creative also had a Sound Blaster 8bit Pro Gold card in their lineup?
    Perhaps gold wasn't in the name… it was my first soundcard. xD Black box and all.
    Then I jumped straight to an AWE 32.

  19. Ahhhhhh, Popcorn time. 😁

  20. xenaretos says:

    Oh wow. 486 PC prices like that? Remember 486 cpus lying around for an equivalent of about $2 in used pc hardware stores in the mid 2000-s. Must be getting old.

  21. They're not avvin it…

  22. Vlado T says:

    I remember long time ago when my friend hated his Adlib Gold because he could not find decent Windows drivers. In that time people got Adlib Gold as a budget card because it was cheaper then Sound Blaster. And look now 😀

  23. James Smith says:

    1992 was one of the best years for PC gaming. Ultima Underworld. Wolf3D. Comanche.

  24. goglu2 says:

    *Clint smels the card* Aww yeah, I'm touching my self tonight. 😀

  25. M J says:

    Card sounds amazing bro

  26. Physically, its a really pretty card too

  27. Vamptonius says:

    I don't think it's fair to count a lack of support against it. If it hadn't been murdered, most games would have supported it, and ears would have chosen it over the murderers paltry theft of an offering.

  28. Albert says:

    Can it run on a new PC?

  29. Loomis says:

    I always remember seeing that "AdLib Gold" in the options lists of dos games and wondered just how "golden" it was compared to my run-of-the-mill soundblaster clone

  30. John Morlan says:

    That smell is known to cause cancer in the state of California.

  31. eXPerience says:

    Good news: you can emulate it using PCem

  32. You should record some of the music and share it because that sounds amazing. It’s something we’ll never hear regularly so access to them would be a joy. (Maybe someone already did it?)

  33. Those juke box gold songs aren't too bad….

  34. joemygod1960 says:

    Not sad about Creative's fate after they did this to adlib.

  35. Tubby J says:

    7:35 Stunts! what a fun game. I remember finding it during the days of Abandonware and playing it for hours.

  36. Boris says:

    for $3000 I want Black sabbath to play live in my livingroom

  37. philip dias says:

    This a sb awe32 competitor?

  38. Hunter says:

    LGR, you must love getting free stuff!!
    What ever happened to the eats channel, bring it back. I really enjoy seeing you make them sandwiches man.

  39. What a great Tech Tales! 😉 So, I'm dying to know: why was there a BOOT SECTOR VIRUS on the 4th disk? 😅

  40. Hottest Ferengi ever @ 13:51

  41. Gary Rendano says:

    something so rare and so expensive.. i wouldnt even want one.. just stupid to pay so much for something that will just fail after a few months anyhow

  42. Ares Apollo says:

    If people pay up 4k, then someone might as well make a FPGA version and sell that for bidding price.

  43. You can have your golden unicorn. I would rather have a diamond unicorn craps gold bricks. 😛

  44. Who smells hardware 🙂