Top 10 Minecraft Mods Of The Week | Companion Bats, Yung’s Better Portals, Hole Filler & More!

February 9, 2021 by 39 Comments

10 Unbelievable new Minecraft mods!
The mods include Companion bats, Customizable Elytra, Enhancement (Fabric), Fantasy Mounts, Hole Filler Mod, More Minecarts, Physics Mod, When Dungeons Arise, WTHIT, and YUNG’s Better Portals.

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Links to all the mods are below.

0:00 Intro
0:49 Companion bats
3:06 Customizable Elytra
3:27 Enhancement (Fabric)
4:34 Fantasy Mounts
5:26 Hole Filler Mod
6:02 More Minecarts
7:10 Physics Mod
7:39 When Dungeons Arise
8:10 WTHIT
9:10 YUNG’s Better Portals
10:19 Outro

Companion bats:

Customizable Elytra:

Enhancement (Fabric):

Fantasy Mounts:

Hole Filler Mod:

More Minecarts:

Physics Mod:

When Dungeons Arise:


YUNG’s Better Portals:

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39 Replies to “Top 10 Minecraft Mods Of The Week | Companion Bats, Yung’s Better Portals, Hole Filler & More!”

  1. Jack B says:

    Batman is pleased

  2. Elon Dekker says:

    Boodlyneck: he-heck trying to make this family friendly
    Also boodlyneck:badass

  3. Bonfyre says:

    Hey! Awesome video and thank you so much for showcasing our Fantasy Mounts mod! We're super happy you liked it 🙂 We're set to add the Polar Bear mount tomorrow if all things go to plan so that was some nice timing.

  4. Bruno Marić says:

    Not sure just how prevalent tanut was,I just don't use curseforge or browse it since I'm poor,but i hope he gets the rest he needs and comes back one day.

  5. Mats Kurz says:

    What Mic do you use? Btw great video 🙂

  6. The mods were really good in this one

  7. BloodySoul says:

    Can you please give me the seed of the world on the last mod showcase and tell me the cordinates for the villege

  8. Zero Clue says:

    You’re great. I’m so tempted to get into modding

  9. Gabey says:

    When the imposter is sus 😳

  10. Me:sees forge/fabric 1.17

    Also me:Aaaaaaa

  11. It is a shame HWYLA is not getting updates anymore it was the only mod of its kind for forge.

  12. nafsii says:

    i really love minecraft bat, glad theres a mod for that

  13. beExis says:

    Releasing a mod for 1.17 is pain, when nearly every other mod does not upgradet yet. Makes nearly every 1.17 mod currenty pointless.

  14. The Dungeon mod looks amazing!

  15. How to download the mod

  16. Nova 2000 says:

    is the server modded? and i love your videos so much 🙂

  17. The Physics Mod is also available for forge, with a block collapse feature

  18. The physics mod is amazing, I have been searching for a mod like it for years! best part is that it is for both forge AND fabric!

  19. Fred Bread says:

    im to poor for minecraft 🙁

  20. Yung is just becoming better and better

  21. DudeBro 54 says:

    4:21 When the Cactus is sus. He also got that cactus drip.

  22. It's so cool to see you blow up like you have. I subbed at 200 because I loved your April fool's update video and I could tell that you had the potential to go big. Keep up the great work man I love it!

  23. Kaiq says:

    I really love those mods, thank you for showing them!

  24. *Gunther* says:

    4:21 Imposter
    Among us
    Among us
    Blue vented

  25. any mods that help with performance for forge?

  26. H.animations says:

    boodly can i get a shoutout ?

  27. Josh Patton says:

    Someone finally copied and upgraded the classic pet bat mod, time to build my own mod pack entirely around that mod lol

  28. Man I can't wait to grow with you until you reach 1 million!!!!

  29. Biggest minecraft news today is vanilla related. I'm so excited to see the brand new caves with some Omni and Quark speleothems

  30. real ones remember the 1.11/1.12 pet bats mod

  31. Beridot says:



  32. Hyper Demise says:

    Hey Boodlyneck, love your content and i have a recommendation for a mod you should add to the 10 mods of the week, it's called origins and it lets you pick a class at the start of your world and you will have strength and weaknesses from what class you chose

  33. Hysterical says:

    I'm not exactly a fan of Yung's Better Portals, but it's still made very well like all their mods so it's always nice to see what they have in store.

  34. Esyrim says:

    I used to have Companion Bats. It was great back then, and it looks even better now!

  35. Skrapy says:

    the better end kinda reminds me on the songs of war by black plasma studios

  36. Skrapy says:

    i mean yung's better portals

  37. JTS Gaming says:

    Like always you have a list of amazing mods for us! Keep up the good work