Top 10 Minecraft Mods Of The Week | Relics, Anthill Inside, Evolved RPG, Cat Jammies & More!

February 15, 2021 by 38 Comments

10 Unbelievable new Minecraft mods!
The mods include Anthill Inside, Cat Jammies, Alaska Native Craft, lootbeams, MC Story Mode Armors, Magical Lanterns, More Respawn Anchors, Recast, Relics, and Evolved RPG.

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Links to all the mods are below.

0:00 Intro
0:20 Anthill Inside
1:07 Cat Jammies
1:31 Alaska Native Craft
3:05 lootbeams
3:29 MC Story Mode Armors
3:48 Magical Lanterns
4:56 More Respawn Anchors
5:14 Recast
5:34 Relics
7:31 Evolved RPG
9:43 Outro

Anthill Inside:

Cat Jammies:

Alaska Native Craft:


MC Story Mode Armors:

Magical Lanterns:

More Respawn Anchors:



Evolved RPG:

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38 Replies to “Top 10 Minecraft Mods Of The Week | Relics, Anthill Inside, Evolved RPG, Cat Jammies & More!”

  1. Boomblox5896 says:

    Here's the problem… Ants don't live in HIVES, they live in COLONIES!

  2. For the next mods of the week can you add becuase its a really cool mod that is slept on i would like for you to shine on it

  3. plz bring back modded one block skyblock

  4. RecaTWC says:

    sucks the best ones are only fabric mods

  5. fasih says:

    by the way i love ur vids best awwwsome love it

  6. Artorio says:

    travis scott cats

  7. o muito bom seu vídeo wow

  8. Jytrix says:


  9. matoche B says:

    Soon the 80k 🎉

  10. Anuar Ahmad says:

    How about modpack of the week

  11. cat jamies on fast mode just be a blursed picture

  12. i heard in the background of the pigstep from the cat jammies part that the cats singed it

  13. ali jaffal says:

    What are the shaders you use?

  14. bONk says:

    I have nothing to say, I just want to boost the algorithm

  15. Nykrov says:

    boodlyneck, can you tell me how to open a java mod config pls? i keep spam click it but nothin happen, thx. Love your mod vids

  16. Jonny G says:

    Funny seeing ur comment on the 'Magical Lanterns' CurseForge page🤣😂

  17. Jonny G says:

    Funny seeing ur comment on the 'Magical Lanterns' CurseForge page🤣😂

  18. HeIIo, I really love your mod showcase

  19. Cat Jammies should be cats dancing ok two feet at maximum juke box capacity

  20. 7:20 What are you using to edit the configs?

  21. Blaž Jager says:

    Can I yos this on phone.

  22. Atorasu un says:

    When you gonna finish the top 100 mods of all time list

  23. Omg i love the mods you introduce! You deserve 1M+ subs

  24. TheDon001 says:

    Bood is Enigmatica coming back? I miss it

    Love that Alaska mod you showed

  25. How do I get a shoutout

  26. Can you pls find a mod that all mobs fight each other like pig VS pig not like mob battle mod like if you spawn all mobs start to battle pls?

  27. Masha26th says:

    Your mini mod reviews are so helpful! know whats funny is when I saw the abbreviation for your series I didn’t immediately piece together it was ‘mod of the week’ and my nintendo mind immediately went to breath of the wild, and I just went: Ah yes! Mod of the wild!

  28. David Pod says:

    This channel is the best mod review channel I have ever seen. And I have seen more mod review channels than I am proud to admit.

  29. Max Dayton says:

    Could I run mods for Minecraft on a regular 200-300$ hp pc console?? Or would I need an expensive gaming pc

  30. Paxamania says:

    lol you named some of the Alaska mod things

  31. Hypixel Trio says:

    Amazing mods. You made me complete my modpack
    can you do some hardcore or very hard mods next?

  32. First: <3 !!
    I just found your channel (mod review on curseforge) and I'm quite impressed! To be honest, you can really hold yourself on a level at least as high as that from bigger MC-Youtubers like AsianHalfSquad or PhoenixSC. You should definietly have more subscribers and besides Minecraft, you seem like a really nice person to me! I really Enjoy the content and also the mods you review, it's quite exactly the kind of mods I love. Just a big :] to you!

  33. Hoodie Man says:

    Wow, dude im so glad i found this Chanel