Top 11 Minecraft Mods Of The Week | Prefab, Macaw’s Paintings, Health Canisters Rusted Iron & More!

February 1, 2021 by 44 Comments

11 Fantastic new Minecraft mods!
The mods include Prefab – Fabric, Rusted Iron, The Abyss: Chapter II, Macaw’s Paintings, Cycle Paintings, Health Canisters, Enhanced Celestials, Cartographer, Architect’s Palette, Antique Waystones, and Colds: Skunks Mod

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Links to all the mods are below.

0:00 Intro
0:25 Prefab – Fabric
1:19 Rusted Iron
1:50 The Abyss: Chapter II
2:33 Macaw’s Paintings
3:00 Cycle Paintings
3:31 Health Canisters
4:44 Enhanced Celestials
5:16 Cartographer
5:48 Architect’s Palette
6:27 Antique Waystones
6:41 Colds: Skunks Mod
7:33 Outro

Prefab – Fabric:

Rusted Iron:

The Abyss: Chapter II:

Macaw’s Paintings:

Cycle Paintings:

Health Canisters:

Enhanced Celestials:


Architect’s Palette:

Antique Waystones:

Colds: Skunks Mod:

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44 Replies to “Top 11 Minecraft Mods Of The Week | Prefab, Macaw’s Paintings, Health Canisters Rusted Iron & More!”

  1. Keep on doing the great videos

  2. ZweiGamer 3D says:

    I love your videos and watch them every week to keep my mod knowledge up-to-date <3

  3. Wow, great mods! I’ve been watching for a few days now and have been watching all the old mod videos!

  4. Thank you for a good mods review!
    Great as always!

    Now I know a new mod that stole assets from mine and some others…

  5. Can you add attached minecarts thx

  6. Sharon Darca says:

    Duuude you should review the origins mod its so cool!

    Edit: heres a vid on it

  7. ceother 102 says:

    I don´t like fabric

  8. Mario senpai says:

    Thank you for another amazing mods of the week episode. But, one thing I would love for the next mods of the week episode is for you to review the mod "Survive". The mod is similar to the "tough as nails" mod but it's brought to 1.16+ and it has same features plus some new original ones. Even in an alpha state it's definetely a mod I highly recommend if you want the same feel as "tough as nails mod" , which has been discontinued and stayed in the 1.12.2.

  9. AlienGamer says:

    how does someone make a mod for 1.17, and last I checked that is not released

  10. NSB says:

    Love your videos boodlyneck! Been watching since around 1k subscribers and I’m so happy to see your channel grow! Much love!

  11. i wish there were an equal amount of mods for forge and fabric, I know that Fabric is building in popularity but it'd still be nice to have some of these cool building mods for fabric xd

  12. Hypixel Trio says:

    Imagine I get pinned and shoutout in the next vid

  13. I was waiting for the Create mod pop up, but it did never show up

  14. Cycle painting should be in vanilla

  15. For the health canisters, I think you should only have the chance to get them when killing mobs if you have a new enchantment on your weapon, life steal!

  16. Valentai _ says:

    Aw man I was hoping the Iron mod could be on forge 😔

  17. "Keep your eye out for a Blue Moon, which is pretty rare, happening once in a Blue Moon"

    Thank You, Mr. Helpful

  18. Grapes says:

    I think I have just banned “stink” from my vocabulary 😭

  19. What's up? How have you been so far in the new Year?

  20. I wonder where is the last episode of Top 100 mods of all time…

  21. Lam Howard says:

    can u make a mod that can add many biomes, a mod that adds different festival decor, a mod that add vintage decor and stuff?

  22. Vander says:

    What happen to enigmatica 6?

  23. Leonel Mora says:

    Does anyone know how to load in Fabric onto CurseForge Profile? Since I am just wanting to compile my own mod folder there.

  24. Pok Man Mo says:

    Plz teach me how to download files

  25. Those mods you keep reviewing to us is helpful to find the right mod, you get even more subscribers and the end of February you hit to 90k, and please review more mods. Greetings from the Philippines!

  26. Del says:

    Terraria: Blod mon
    Almost every Minecraft modder: Interesting

  27. faiq jadoon says:

    i wana ask you can you make mods of the week for bedrock edition

  28. Prefab is also for forge too!

  29. Can you make part 2 for Alex mob video

  30. Jytrix says:

    Dude I found your YouTube channel 2 days ago and I’ve already watched every vid Your Awesome…

  31. George Jebb says:

    Love the Vid keep up the good work

  32. the - blue says:

    so cool man my modpack is so good because of you

  33. Ummm is it me or did he forget to include atom text editor and related files???

  34. Mr Shadow says:

    Boodly when are you going to start the modded series I really miss that and btw love you're videos

  35. WoofieBoi says:

    damn how many times did you use stink in same minute

  36. The abyss looks like the origin of the Warden

  37. Bruh Bruh says:

    You saying ‘stink’ is way too funny.

  38. Just a selfish request, kindly put if the Mod is forge or fabric beside their name on the description. Thanks!

  39. the last mod… uh ohh… stinky

  40. Krzysztof says:

    0:08 Vim users: exist

  41. heesel says:

    lol i forgot to watch this one so i did not know my comment has been chosen for a video. Thank you Boodlyneck!!!

  42. Nacht Witch says:

    "visual studio is a great editor" as a linux user I would beg to differ