Crepes – You Suck at Cooking (episode 123)

Crepes are a not just a thin edible pancake. They’re not a cake at all. They’re a crepe.

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1 large egg
⅓ up flour
¾ cup milk

This will make around 4 decent sized crepes
Make raw egg pudding with the egg and flour
Add a bit of the milk and Wangjangler until smooth
Repeat until you have no milk left
Let the batter sit for an hour if you’re a baby who loves following the rules
Put a small amount of butter in a pan on medium heat, then wipe it out with a paper towel, or an expensive silk scarf
Pour some batter in and swirl it. For a medium large pan around ¼ to ⅓ cup of batter will be enough. For a 37 foot pan you’ll need ten gallons of batter
Cook until crispy crusticles start to form
But you can probably skip blowing and also don’t use your fingers if you’re worried about burning yourself. Just use a spatula or try to flip it in the pan…but honestly good luck lol you’re not that good at flipping.
Cook the other side just a bit and then you know, stuff it or roll stuff in it, or fold stuff in it, or make crepe origami. Your call


41 Replies to “Crepes – You Suck at Cooking (episode 123)”

  1. Coldmute says:

    That song is a Men Without Hats song except not made by Men Without Hats. Serious "Dare To Be Stupid" vibes.

  2. run full speed into your tripod

  3. Science 101 says:

    I tried this and it’s actually really good.

  4. James Blond says:

    Why dont u cuss anymore like ur first episode?

  5. I will be dislking every video until you bring Bimblokto back

  6. That's naleśniki

  7. bilinas mini says:

    No cap the ‘autospanjangler’ was purely genius innovation.

  8. J says:

    "Crepe diem. When you rob a liquor store while eating crepes just to feel alive man."
    I knew I shouldn't have watched this in my doctor's waiting room. Now everyone thinks I'm a laughing crazy person.

  9. Sam Brode says:

    You never mentioned a cousin of the crepe, a danish pancake, they look thicker than yours just a tad and arnt cooked until the brown appears, I have a traditional danish recipe for them.

  10. You did it wrong.

  11. _Chris_ says:

    I need all of these songs. Who needs radio when you can blast these in the car at full volume.

  12. I lost it at run full speed into your tripod 😂

  13. Kurangia says:

    Has this guy ever done a face reveal?

  14. Music is very Safety Dance,I like it.

  15. The intro gave me intense dizzying flashbacks to high school biology. I may never fully recover from what the amoeba sisters did to both my body and my mind.

  16. doliio volay says:

    When he said ” milk flour and eggs” but showed the wrong things I got fr confused

  17. Ins Ch. says:

    1:42 s-seriously??

  18. Yo, the crepes song is actually a banger

  19. gioyu comi says:

    It's been quite a while, and I see you're still dead-set on insulting my cooking skills, well, I'll be discussing my options with my legal team.

  20. Lord Whirlin says:

    I'm fairly certain that YSAC is really just a way of gradually releasing his mixtape in a way that doesn't cause fires.

  21. The song was sooooo good

  22. dolita windo says:

    No cap the ‘autospanjangler’ was purely genius innovation.

  23. Salty crepes are called galettes.

  24. Mia Light says:

    I love crepe with spam and cheese.
    Or germany Nutella.

  25. I've only just rediscovered this channel and I'm happy to say that it hasn't changed one bit

  26. Olivefarmer says:

    Pls no background music it's better without

  27. No such thing as too much butter in a crepe pan

  28. Vortex says:

    I love the crepe song

  29. Thats sum gut SH#*it

  30. The music you make for these videos is amazing. The videos are pretty sweet too

  31. Vomer Conch says:


  32. DragonRewind says:

    I just got her and I see an egg
    Please tell me it’s the egg series

  33. this video just made me realize that crepes are just hungarian pancakes

  34. The keto crepe🤣🤣