How far will Intel GO?

March 30, 2021 by 22 Comments

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Intel’s 11th-gen Core architecture wasn’t supposed to be on 14nm – But it is. Let’s find out what kinds of trade-offs they’ve had to make to make Rocket Lake take off…

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22 Replies to “How far will Intel GO?”

  1. PhillinYouIn says:

    Anthony – you’re the poutine of the tech tube community – pure comfort. Could listen to you all day!

  2. Intel is gonna start advertising their CPUs as the best 14nm CPUs ever made. Just you watch!

  3. theRedhood24 says:

    The beginning reminded me of True Detective's season 1 villain

  4. İ5 is really good

  5. ste ser says:

    same intel old shit

  6. Bobby Krumov says:

    look… I think we all know that this 'Linus is on vacation' is also a test to see how the channel will do without him because one day Linus will no longer host the show but Linus Media Group as a business has to move on from that. And even though this channel has kinda been my inspiration into computers and Linus is a huge part of that, I can't put any blame on it. Heck, after facing the facts, I'm all for it. Linus deserves to live his life in peace and quiet, spend time with his family but LMG as a business need's to grow and stay alive.

    It will be the inspiration I had for the next generation and you know what, that's okay. LMG without Linus 'TechTips' Sabastian on camera can still make quality content and these last few videos have been awesome! Not to knock on the man himself, I'm sure he intended for that to be the case so that the transition for fans like me is a lot easier (and to a point seamless). I just wanted to say, hey, I get it, I know one day it will come to this and that's okay. Nothing but love for the free, informative, and to an extent life-changing content (I do work with computers for a living because of this so don't think I'm BSing here :D). Times goes on, it may very well be that time when LTT becomes LMG and I'm perfectly happy with that!

    nothing but love and respect for every single person on the LMG staff, I know people will b*tch about this when the time comes, but you don't need me to tell you that, I'm sure you already know it

    Just wanted to say that there are some fans like me who can see through this and we have nothing but respect, OG Linus, we support you all the way

  7. Ahhh yes, thank you anthony i will use your evil/madness laugh for my alarm

  8. moby1kanob says:

    It crazy Intel at 14 nm is still the better gaming CPU than AMD. The manufacturing awakening that is going on with Intel is going to be scary when it catches up with what they are actually selling. AMD is a necessary company to keep INTEL on their toes, but you guys are showing 1080p FPS. The clock speeds are always better over cores with it comes to intel or AMD decisions.

    Intel is still the gaming champ. Most of us here want gaming and the majority of games run much better on Intel.

    The chips coming from INTEL, that start to go below 14 NM are going to poop on AMD.

  9. N O says:

    Our lord Anthony is back

  10. Anthony is killing it! You got a gem there linus don't you let him go anywhere!

  11. Pattymayo says:

    Haha the clickbait

  12. Taimat CR says:

    90% comments are about how awesome Anthony is (and they are right) 5% are about Intel and the other 5% are bots/spam 😂

  13. Jack Links says:

    Anthony is hands down my favorite. Even more than Linus. Sorry not sorry

  14. DotMatrixMoe says:

    Having a 'dominant' CPU is lame. I missed it when AMD and Intel used to chug out cores and threads each month. Their competition pushed for better hardware!

  15. Chris Emma says:

    You're Breathtaking

  16. Milan A says:

    The epic intro ❤️😂

  17. Liƒe says:

    A i5 drawing 200w. Okay. Nice work Intel. lmao

  18. wufy xD says:

    These comments suck Anthony off damn

  19. Strike 098 says:

    "Nanometers aren't an accurate measure of anything"
    Me who is about to make a joke:

  20. give anthony a raise