How Hackers Can Find Hidden Wi-Fi Networks & Their Names

March 5, 2021 by 29 Comments

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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 212 (Recut – Partial Episode)

Some people think that hidden Wi-Fi networks are more secure, but in reality, the opposite is often true. We’ll go over why hidden networks are a terrible idea and how they can be attacked.

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29 Replies to “How Hackers Can Find Hidden Wi-Fi Networks & Their Names”

  1. AB GAMER says:

    First view sir

  2. Aayyy first club

  3. Master Mace says:

    Im liking the consistency keep it up!

  4. the cyberMan says:

    Best hacker but I want to switch back to ubuntu may I help?

  5. Dr Exploit says:

    Well done , good video

  6. the the says:

    You're such a skid you should've used njrat to launch a gpu meterpreter session to infiltrate his wpa2 switch and disable his cpu microcode injection program and oc his ram until it dies so you can get a buffer overflow on his 4th pointer in his port forward

  7. Someone says:

    Hope you’re doing well friend… thx for giving us your time 👊

  8. abdo dh says:

    your doing a great job keep it up

  9. s404n1tn0cc says:

    IN order for you to get around that . You simply say " this is for entertainment and information purposes Only. Please do not attempt this without first consult your local codes and your client(s) for permission" Thats it.

  10. DIYGUY says:

    My man.
    Kodings easy

  11. DIYGUY says:

    The WAN led on my router blinks more regularly

  12. German stickers???

  13. Mark Fisher says:

    You might not need the name – often it can suffice to show that a hidden network exists and you already know the host from the non hidden network.

  14. Hejsan Finn says:

    Thx for the tutorial got much use for this ….keep it up!

  15. TECH HACK says:

    I was thinking about this yesterday 😁

  16. SumiT SinGh says:

    Awesome 👍 great video buddy 😊

  17. SumiT SinGh says:

    Android hack tutorial PLZZ…

  18. Hey brother. I wish lots of love from India.

  19. Watched the whole tutorial on the Null Byte site, great as always! New game, take a shot every time Kody says network.

  20. Back 4 More says:

    VaChinaTube censors my comments too so I know how you feel soo eF them and Thank you!

  21. I used to name visible wifi stuff like "DEA Surveillance 45" or the like, just for laughs

  22. You didn’t leave a link to the wireless card you use in the video description?

  23. qwerty says:

    I love you

  24. Winthorpe says:

    I have a hidden WiFi network with an IoT toaster connected to it… Is there a chance hacker could burn my toast?

  25. Soundbreaker says:

    I see a lot of people using Alfa WiFi cards but as far as I can tell they only support 2g. I could be wrong with this considering my laptops built in WiFi card supports monitor mode I haven’t had a need to get one but have wanted to get one to use WiFi tools with my VM instead of usb boot. So does it support 5G and most modern WiFi ?

  26. How do I unlock a bit locker USB drive