How Motherboards Work – Turbo Nerd Edition

March 28, 2021 by 45 Comments

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Linus was on vacation and we went full nerd.

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Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
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45 Replies to “How Motherboards Work – Turbo Nerd Edition”

  1. disclaimer says:

    Me: hmm, I wonder how GPU's work on a turbo nerd edition

    Linus: How high are you rn?

  2. Nuno Bimba says:

    this video was dope, keep them coming 🙂

  3. Turbo nerd edition is now one of my favorite things. It's always nice to learn in depth how some electronics and computers work

  4. Tommy Aria P says:

    Inhale Ahh . . . . Finally, Linus Vacation 2021

  5. Natt Zero says:

    99% of people only need an ITX motherboard.

  6. Ivo says:

    This was really interesting, I'd love to see more like this! Keep it up 🙂

  7. BAH says:

    Who is the boss when Linus is gone?

  8. Stinker4583 says:

    Sorry, but Jays I Fixit ads are WAY better!

  9. Turbo nerd all the way… Please.

  10. WikiForce says:

    my msi h110m pro-vd is really nice

  11. More turbo nerd this was amazing

  12. B.o.P. says:

    I like this series. It's more technical and while 90% of the fanbase is talking about terabits per megafartz to run Minecraft or other highly optimized games that don't need the high end technology, I for one would love to learn more about the logic and design tradeoffs for each part

  13. Latro says:

    We don't linus we have Anthony

  14. More turbo nerd content!

  15. more, longer, turbo nerd videos — and maybe make them a "series", ex: build on previously explained information

  16. Joop Barelds says:

    Turbo Nerd. I like it.

  17. Matthew Chou says:

    So…anyone got an explanation on why the machine at 0:58 had some quadruple evil going on? This secretly a promotion for Lil Nas X new song?

  18. Muddy Pigeon says:

    Was thinking you guys must of watched some Actual hardcore overclocking. Good to see Buildzoid getting a shout out 😀

  19. Facepalm says:

    WE NEED MOREE of those nerdy, techy, in depth videos!! 😀

  20. I like the Turbo Nerd format. I really hope y'all will run with this format.

  21. Jason Jente says:

    Yes you should totally do more of these!

  22. RelakS says:

    More turbo nerd plz.

  23. I'm using the second PCIe slot, because it's almost impossible to remove the video card from the first slot when there is an NVMe SSD in the slot next to it. I have small fingers but they're too big to reach the locking mechanism that holds the GPU in place. So after one time of 20 minutes of sweating and yelling, I moved the card to the second slot. Much better. Asrock Taichi X470 and Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+ (triple slot)

  24. S G G says:

    I'm not sure what LTT's fascination is with having random employees moonlight as onscreen hosts. Sure, some are pretty good like Anthony and that little girl is pretty spontaneous and funny but others not so much. I'm not even talking about Alex either, Alex is just Alex nothing more, nothing less.

  25. L W says:

    All this and you'll end up playing Minecraft

  26. EmileVictor says:

    You guys should push best design over "what the user's expect" really hard, so that a market for that is actually created.

  27. BlendPiNexus says:

    i love this. GIVE ME MOOOOAAAAR

  28. SAM ATH BO says:

    just buy the one that's look cool.

  29. Matt Goble says:

    Very interesting video, thank you!

  30. Gamers Nexus Steve approves this series

  31. More of this please

  32. Joe says:

    Title says turbo nerd…. video is more like… a slight toe dip in the water of nerdiness. I came here looking for an EEVBlog level of PCB de-construction, and saw a junior high science fair level discussion.

    More deep dives needed!

  33. Beans Gamers says:

    What is model of motherboard of turbo nerd edition?

  34. Mmmm…turbo nerd *Homer drooling** 🤓

  35. Spam Phisher says:

    I am now officially a TURBO NERD!! MORE!

  36. Linus is on vacation, and this is the quality content we want

  37. RyanGG says:

    Love the Turbo Nerd idea!!

  38. Yifan Pan says:

    Is it just me or this feel like the ULTIMATE FORM of Techquickie, Techlengthie?

  39. Zasukie says:

    just in LMG at a all time low of broken parts

  40. Ok nice
    Now an episode on ARM

  41. Mr Death says:

    More turbo nerd

  42. LadBooboo says:

    The only reason why I have 4x8gb 3600mhz ram is because I bought a motherboard with 4 dimm slots.

  43. Jeremy Long says:

    I geek out about this stuff, I always want to know more, so keep them coming.