LGR Oddware – Yamaha DiscT@2 CD-R Tattooing Drive

March 5, 2021 by 22 Comments

The Yamaha CRW-F1 drive from 2002 introduced the ill-fated Disc T@2 system, letting you “tattoo” CD-Rs. On the *DATA* side, not the label side! It lasted barely a year on the market before being discontinued, so yeah, let’s dive into this bit of Oddware.

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22 Replies to “LGR Oddware – Yamaha DiscT@2 CD-R Tattooing Drive”

  1. Cybercharger says:

    When you use some old piece of hardware do you usually use the drivers that come with the device or do you search for some possibly better drivers from the internet?

  2. Michelle L says:

    Why did they come in huge boxes? My first cd bunner was 499$ and did come in a huge box to back up my BBS and sell cd backups.

  3. Ethan Bolli says:

    0/10. I was expecting a cd with fart text and a cool crab picture from a printing video, lol.

  4. Andy Tsai says:

    Even Clint knowns how pointless it was.

  5. HerrIMorke says:

    Ok, so now someone (Clint) needs to T@2 and lightscribe a video of "All the things she said" by Tatu on the same disc

  6. Lesydian says:

    I have an internal IDE and an external USB version. The best discs to use are obviously the "professional" Yamaha media. The "free after rebate" media were typically abysmal for disc T@2. I still have a good supply of the blank Yamaha discs, having bought a ton before they went extinct. The best part is the quality of the drive, not the gimmick…. though it is fun to hide as an Easter egg for kids to find.

  7. silverspy18 says:

    Awww. I thought you would have burned "cool crab" to a CD-R. Awesome video, nonetheless!

  8. Keith Jones says:

    He looks like he's shirtless lol make it stop!

  9. IkonGod says:

    I sugest leaving the black bits black and painting the rest walkman sport yellow. then turn it into a full micro pc. just what i may do lol

  10. Dilly Doo says:

    7:45 It's Cool Crab! That's amazing that you have a sticker of him on the Megaluminum Monster XD

  11. Eman Caindec says:

    Damnnnnn. That is one good looking colored RED CD right there… I want one…. T-T

  12. Michel Metta says:

    TIL about debossed vs embosssed. Thanks Clint!

  13. I had litescribe. It was far more usable than this crap even if you had to buy special discs to use it


    "Laughs in 66Samus"🤣

  15. Jack S says:

    One thing that I think is really beautiful about this channel, is the longer LRG goes on, Clint actually looks happier, healthier and more full of life with each passing day.
    I don't know if you'll see this Clint, but if you do, I just wanna say I love seeing you love what you do so much. ♥

  16. andykillsu says:

    You need to disc tattoo a light scribe disc to be the ultimate meta.

  17. Hacker X says:

    Classic example of a solution in search of a problem.

  18. rob XloserX says:

    Great video as always. Keep them coming.

  19. The t@2 creator tool was probably a repurposed label creator meant for printing on a regular printer which is why it has colour

  20. Am I the only one that thought LGR was shirtless at the very start of the video? That thing almost matches his skin color… lol.

  21. Clint: flips over a random colored CD-R, showing its label
    Me: immediately transported back to high school