Practice Wi-Fi Hacking Legally with ESP8266 CTF Games [Tutorial]

March 27, 2021 by 26 Comments

Play Wi-Fi Hacking Games on Some D1 Minis
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 214

It’s hard to learn Wi-Fi hacking without being tempted to try out the skills you’re learning. Here is a Wi-Fi hacking CTF game to play using the ESP8266 that allows for Wi-Fi hackers to safely and legally practice new skills.

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26 Replies to “Practice Wi-Fi Hacking Legally with ESP8266 CTF Games [Tutorial]”

  1. Sweta Kumari says:

    Sir i love ur videos

  2. Sweta Kumari says:

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  3. shahid sha says:

    First viewer!! Yayyyyyy

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  6. Gaurav Kumar says:

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  8. Cypher says:

    Thanks now I compromised myself

  9. s404n1tn0cc says:

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  10. kali linux says:

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    What are the best ethical hacking certificates

  11. Nerd Werx says: this a re-boot!?I swear this was the exact video, that got me into this Pentesting 🤔

  12. Kevin Lopez says:

    Thanks, I now have to pay myself a ransom…

  13. Nice video 👍👍

  14. As always great video, inspiring curiosity, vitamin 4 brain

  15. Towelie says:

    Please put the repo's link in description, this is the only thing that really matters (I know I can google it or read it on your website but it's more convenient)
    Great vid tho.

  16. Social Bug says:

    No! Not brute forcing again!! It never works

  17. c0ri says:

    Great idea Kody Thanks for putting those scripts together. I love these little ESP8266. It's great for learning and teaching.

  18. oskars says:

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