This Minecraft Mod Adds 20 More Incredibly Well Thought Out Mobs – Alex’s Mobs [Part 2]

March 9, 2021 by 24 Comments

Here’s the video with the first 18 Mobs added by this mod. –

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Alex’s Mobs –

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Shaders Used
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0:00 Intro
0:40 Moose
1:23 Snow Leopard
1:47 Seal
2:36 Blobfish
3:10 Mantis Shrimp
4:02 Alligator Snapping Turtle
4:39 Shoebill
5:15 Crow
6:29 Raccoon
7:00 Elephant
8:17 Cockroach
9:39 Mungus
10:26 Guster
11:09 Warped Toad
11:46 Soul Vulture
12:21 Straddler
13:06 Stradpole
13:26 Warped Mosco
14:00 Spectre
14:27 Mimicube
15:11 Easter Eggs
16:18 Outro

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24 Replies to “This Minecraft Mod Adds 20 More Incredibly Well Thought Out Mobs – Alex’s Mobs [Part 2]”

  1. 13:36 he said it! he actually said it!

  2. FinalIcharus says:

    Cover yourself in oil holy shit

  3. Minch Yoda says:


  4. Illuminati says:


    Bruh this is literally buzzwole from Pokémon

  5. 9:15 This would be way cooler with the spinning cockroach meme

  6. make a modpack for 1.16.5 start a ep

  7. that mod is incredibly detailed, from animations to abilites, good stuff

  8. Haram Burger says:


  9. nargo says:

    are we gonna ignore the fact warped mosco is literaly buzzwole from pokemon-

  10. don chico says:


  11. Reth says:

    Great vid man.hope this were all added in the next update

  12. 0:50 Fun fact: this is inaccurate. Moose actually only use their antlers for fighting other males to win over females during mating season! Their sharp hooves are their real self defence.

  13. pixelator says:

    2:59 and then he covered himself in oil. funniest shit i've ever seen

  14. They literally added buzwole to minecraft

  15. Zeo • says:

    meanwhile actual Mojang: we added a glow squid, that doesnt actually glow!! Thats it! Next mob will be revealed on summer 2023.

    Give me a break…

  16. This is so good….

  17. Kim Bufton says:

    anyone else attracted to it?

  18. TheBoneDino says:

    Did anyone notice that the warped mosco looks like a blue buzzwole from pokemon

  19. Unamed User says:

    Fun fact: the warp masco is like a pokemon from sun and moon and mugus is a crewmate or impostor from among us

  20. NeonX311 says:

    warped mosco look like shiny buzzwole from pokemon sun&moon

  21. Tjen Broun says:

    Some of these mobs should be in vanilla for sure