This Minecraft Mod Creates Amazingly Detailed and Truly Breathtaking Terrain – Wildlands | OTG Mod

March 17, 2021 by 25 Comments

This Open Terrain Generator preset aims to create terrain so good it looks handcrafted.

Wildlands –
Open Terrain Generator –
BSL Shaders –

reddit –

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0:00 Intro
0:34 OTG Overview
1:10 Wildlands
07:00 Outro

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25 Replies to “This Minecraft Mod Creates Amazingly Detailed and Truly Breathtaking Terrain – Wildlands | OTG Mod”

  1. Boodlyneck says:

    Hey guys! I forgot to mention in the video, I used BSL shaders.

  2. Hey just subbed, i really enjoy your vids!

  3. I know it is a random question, but are there any good halloween mods????

  4. Liam Myers says:

    Next video van you have a facemakm

  5. Holy macaroni those badlands , that terrain this is undescribable

  6. Seu conteúdo e muito bom
    Ganhou um novo inscrito !!!

  7. How tf does he use 64 chunks and shader with no lag

  8. Rohan Sampat says:

    "modded server limits how many people you can have on the server"

    This is wrong in the most basic sense, player counts are not affected by modding.

    And if you are referring to the fact that modding hits players performance, for something like this which is almost all serverside? you are wrong

    And if you are saying well people have to go get a modded client, YOU ARE STILL WRONG

    Forge server side mods will work with vanilla clients. In fact forge is capable of client and server side mods as well as the more popular multi sided mods.

  9. DrexoGaming says:

    if you have a server

  10. Nicky Mejias says:

    in order for peopel to subscribe to you you need to stop calling things useless and obsolete like minecraft bats and bees.

  11. Minecraft 1.20
    The overworld update 😀

  12. Swag Lord says:

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. ASIX says:

    No one gives a shit, just show us the terrain

  14. Mstr06Kai says:

    What mods do you typically use on every world or server that you play on?

  15. Aninkronism says:

    Ik it's impossible at the moment but this + Alex's Mobs would be literal perfection

  16. TinkieWinkie says:

    Holy fucking shit

  17. ً says:

    This is amazing

  18. The first thin I though was "this looks so awesome", but then I realised its not that good. My opinion:

    1. Walking loooooooong distances. Everything is pretty spread. Nice to look at, bad to play. I would need a speed XII enchant to feel like playing this regulary, otherwise 80% of my playing time would be simply walking.

    2. Bad interaction with other mods. Imagine how the Fire & Ice dragons would destroy everything or simply fly around without finding anything to attack.

    3. Structures would become too visible, kind of the only real interest, travelling from structure to structure.

  19. Hey guys, is it possible to put it in modpack on 1.16.5 ver somehow?

  20. hey why can you add more mob to make a modpack and ply it start a ep

  21. Oliver Racek says:

    10/10 mods
    keep on going you are going to hit 100k subs dis year

  22. Leee_ Mayo says:

    Hello boodlyneck…..keep up best minecraft mod showcases!

  23. Trumle says:

    What specs do you have?

  24. I am new to this channel u will probably not listen but can u show some mods to make survival more fun.
    just asking anyways nice content. (this mods help a lot not gonna lie)

  25. Clover YT says:

    I love your content and your work, I recently made my own modpack called "Clover Modpack Addition" it already got 167 downloads.I hope you see this comment and try it out PLZ…