Top 10 Minecraft Mods Of The Week | Stoneholm, Buzzy Drones, Configured, Golemancy & More!

March 24, 2021 by 29 Comments

10 Superb new Minecraft mods!
The mods include Macaw’s Fences and Walls, Stoneholm, Tiny Redstone, Buzzy Drones, Upgraded Enderchests, Configured, Easy Magic, Abundance, Bayou Blues, and Golemancy.

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Links to all the mods are below.

0:00 Intro
0:27 Macaw’s Fences and Walls
0:50 Stoneholm
1:37 Tiny Redstone
2:13 Buzzy Drones
3:13 Upgraded Enderchests
4:01 Configured
4:35 Easy Magic
5:36 Abundance
6:36 Bayou Blues
7:18 Golemancy
9:51 Outro

Macaw’s Fences and Walls:


Tiny Redstone:

Buzzy Drones:

Upgraded Enderchests:


Easy Magic:


Bayou Blues:


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29 Replies to “Top 10 Minecraft Mods Of The Week | Stoneholm, Buzzy Drones, Configured, Golemancy & More!”

  1. AHG says:

    Congrats on hitting nearly 100k I have been watching you since you were less than 10k and always loved your vids

  2. Keep up the realy, realy good work. Almost a 100k subs. You will get there in no time. Many of my friends here in Norway are also watching you.

  3. hey could you do some mods that include some new aquatic animals for forge?

  4. Hey Boodlyneck Can You Find Mods Thats Called Wither Storm If You Can To

  5. ZPolycorn says:

    Thank you for making these videos!
    I've found so many fun mods for my world from your videos. 🙂
    Congrats on almost 100k!

  6. buzzy drones is just a very very simple automatic sorter and im living for it

  7. When will a new video come out

  8. Brie Bella says:

    I love watching you even tho I can’t get these mods because I play on iPad Pro and I need java with is computer or pc and all that stuff I really want to but I just got an xbox so I think I can now or my dads compiter can’t wait!!!!!
    Your vids are so fun

  9. Psul Aqae says:

    Hi Boodlyneck , do you wanna try my mod, here's the link if you want to:

  10. Rafly Fathir says:

    Tiny redstone mod:*Exist.
    Mumbo Jumbo: I see this is an absolute win

  11. Oliver Cox says:

    Not sure why I've never found your videos before. Really fantastic content, very informative and a lot of awesome picks to help find cool mods I've not seen before. Subscribed and I'll go back and watch all your vids now!

  12. Pls do face reveal

  13. can you do a vid there you can download mods any mod if its okay?

  14. Yo BoodlyNeck Where have you Been ? Its almost 1 Million Subs

    (Also why don't you Upload?)

  15. Hey, Boodlyneck do you think you can explain the fabric mod Image2map? I've been having issues with it. Also thank you for the great mods you showcase!!

  16. I'm working on an Mekanism addon right now named: "Mekanism Matter" (on CurseForge). It adds an improved replication system (like in IC²) in Mekanism Style to Minecraft. Also included are 2 new Materials Trinium and Naquadah and new (multyblock) reactors. May you can look over the mod and give me a feedback if it's good (If it's good you can put it in the next Video ;-P)

  17. You should do parasite scape and run

  18. Lord Zomkeks says:

    pls do origins

  19. Can you make smm2 mod or any other motw?

  20. Józef Kozon says:

    Is there any magic mod for 1.16.4 that would match the old witchery? I was hoping for Bewitchment, but it's just a watered-down copy.

  21. You're almost at 100k, congrats man you really deserve it.

  22. Zendariun says:

    Don't call people"they" dude

  23. durp hurp says:

    create + buzzy drones = factorio

  24. I remember when you didn't even have 10k subs yet… you have 100k now. I'm proud of you man

  25. HOW, the mod he uses to configure easy magic, is called, i cant find it anywhere???????!

  26. This is so damn smart you learn and have fun watching this vid and you find mods to play and get to know all mods

  27. Stoneholm. Stockholm. Very close.

  28. anush says:

    you should cover the Cutecore mod, it just got updated for 1.16.5 and has super cute features :3

  29. Andre Giuria says:

    How do u have the config for Easy Magic?? i dont know how to open that menu