True Facts: Deception in the Rainforest

March 4, 2021 by 42 Comments

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42 Replies to “True Facts: Deception in the Rainforest”

  1. zefrank1 says:

    Please take a minute to go and check out David Weiller's channel:

  2. JTD 21 says:

    Some of these animals like they're out of hell.

  3. I just wait for “ bebes”

  4. Rubiox says:

    Funny, i just did this assignment in science.

  5. John Kelly says:


  6. Madi Behunin says:

    I live for these videos.

  7. Holly Bercik says:

    Awesome video and very informative and funny too! Also, as a Big Brother super fan for every season in the US and other countries too, I appreciated the comparison. 😂

  8. Sal Goodman says:

    I so excited and it’s just the commercial !

  9. Josh T says:

    Would love to see zeFrank’s extensive search history of “Camouflaged Forest Animals Pooping” for this video

  10. If they want to improve youth interest in science you could offer many pointers😎

  11. Bro you do drugs… I need that high

  12. mostmelon says:

    Ahh, the magic of watching a video for the first time without reading the title.

  13. Do a video on animals with big PPs lol

  14. I've been patiently waiting for this one to drop! Love your videos!!!

  15. 1:15
    on a serious note, this is mind-blowing

  16. erukaseven says:

    No comment about the moth squirting from its butt?

  17. beans says:

    so basically if you’re tryna survive in the rainforest but youre really really cautious.. you’ll starve to death.

  18. pegrat says:

    how the fuck does a plant know that some butterfly wont lay his eggs next to some other butterfly's eggs in their leaves if it mimicks the eggs of the other butterfly?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!? WHAT

  19. 6:59 Don't think you can fool US Zefrank. That's a real bee, not a hover fly!

  20. Omg the random doggos 😂😂❤️❤️

  21. mrN3w7 says:

    Step 1… open the video
    Step 2… like the video
    Step 3… start smiling with excitement
    Step 4… hit play and enoy

  22. Damn, nature you scary!

  23. 66,666 views! :O Is this the new "301 views" from many years back? YouTuuuube!

  24. Mother Nature is like a wh*re with a vacuum. That just forest-floored me.

  25. Gaara says:

    What the hell are those?

  26. At 4:51 i am pretty sure that moth pee'd

  27. SadPandah says:

    8:43 WTF MAN WHY U WOULD DO THAT , i think i shit my pants

  28. Johnny Axon says:

    Spicebush swallowtail caterpillar is missing

  29. Tony says:

    "Nature is a whore with a vacuum"
    -Jerry 2021

  30. Alex Daman says:

    The videos are always spectacular, informative, and wisely comical. I learned a lot today, ty.

  31. Hoo Loo Voo says:

    Rule 34.. ..LOL

  32. The whole rain forest is straight up "I Copy"

  33. You definitely need your own tv show.

  34. lumps says:

    3:50 damn that looks like an abstract video game boss.

  35. rama putra says:

    Finally im quite early 😭