True Facts: Help The Bats!

March 19, 2021 by 50 Comments

Merlin Tuttle Bat Conservation:
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Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation is the most recent contribution by Merlin Tuttle to the world of bats. He has over 60 years of experience as a renowned bat expert, educator and wildlife photographer. Merlin founded MTBC to teach the world understanding and appreciation of the contributions bats make to human beings and the world we share.

Through MTBC, Merlin provides an amazing bat photo gallery, up-to-date resources ( and responses to grossly exaggerated disease speculation about bats. (

MTBC is the only place to directly support Merlin’s work.

Photo gallery:

The Khao Chong Pran, Thailand story:

Bats and Agave:

Win Friends Not Battles:

Bat Fears in Perspective:


50 Replies to “True Facts: Help The Bats!”

  1. Victor Gomez says:

    That bat started everything

  2. Mr Reapy says:

    Okay but real talk. This man proves that getting angry at someone for doing something does absolutely nothing. Being kind absolutely does.

  3. The god has spoken.

  4. Download for the Merlin Tuttle song please?

  5. A little bit early, but happy birthday, Ze, I hope it's a great one.

  6. jademirror says:

    Some bats are adorable, but others have a face like a baby, if that babies face was smashed with a bat.

  7. those morons that go to Thumberg's mass strikes and parades should specifically ask for public financing of similar initiative. I won't donate.

  8. K. O. says:

    we lost sooooo many during the Snovid subzero wk.. … our wildlife really took a hit……. :'( luvu Z

  9. DPD agent says:

    On 0:54 the bat looks like it's about to laugh when you asked for donations.
    Darn bat can't keep a straight face 😂

  10. l-3176-l says:

    I… didn't think he would put his entire body in the tree let alone have space to walk around in there. He just kept going deeper and deeper.

    I would feel like I was playing Ocarina of Time in there.

  11. bats poop and pee by hanging from their thumbs so their legs face down 🙂

  12. Jakub Al-Ali says:

    For the bats, and for you, ZeFrankOne!

  13. "The bats who have the butt from which the poop come"
    -Zefrank 2021

  14. bagelante says:

    There is a hero named Dr. Merlin Tuttle…who is not dead.

  15. "Butt weight, sorry, but wait"

  16. erx says:

    This was just darling.

  17. Oh my gosh, not only is it friday, but there's a new ZeFrank video, AND it's about bats, AND it mentions THE Merlin Tuttle! I met that guy at a Nerd Nite event once- really awesome dude doing awesome things for a great cause! Super happy to see him and his bat conservation efforts boosted here.

  18. If the man is worthy of a Ze Frank tune than he and his organization is worthy of my donation.

  19. Best donation pitch ever.

  20. Thank you for your work towards bat conservation!

  21. Victor Gomez says:

    Some of the bats have an extra chromosome

  22. SR says:

    Nah not going to help bats

  23. me to those 10 people which gave dislike: Why are you gae?

  24. BUG says:

    All the bats look like presets on a character creation screen

  25. Zach Steiner says:

    Last time I was this early, this bat’s parents were still alive!

  26. We need to save our alcohol

  27. James Jordan says:

    And that my friends is called common Sense and an understanding of market economics and not demonizing 'the other.' You use self-interest and incentivize a change of behavior instead of trying to use brute force… By showing individuals new ways to capitalize upon what they previously thought was a problem by showing them a better opportunity.

  28. Whitney H says:

    I live in Austin Texas and from this past winter storm many of our bats died. I pray that we can get the numbers back. They are lovely and helpful creatures.

  29. Samtagri says:

    Who likes the little little duckies in the pond.
    I do, I do, I do, a jigi quack quack!!

    Nice to hear another Ze Frank original.

  30. Hawkeye 218 says:

    My day just got better

  31. This is marvelous. Thank you for bringing this fantastic dude to our attention.

  32. Null says:

    Merlin Tuttle: Best boy/Wizard?

  33. Gwallc2 says:

    Bats are serious disease and rabies carriers yes I agree with saving animals but combining bats in highly populated areas can be seriously dangerous. I’m not just saying this because of Covid almost all the rabies cases is due to humans messing around with bats. That’s inevitable when people are around bats. We need a natural habitat for them not a city.

  34. mspatti says:

    What is this happy relieved feeling? Good vibes and hopefulness? Oh I just watched another one of your videos. Hoping the same for you today.

  35. It's long time that voice

  36. al-aurum says:

    i'm convinced that he's a true hero not a pretend

  37. Irving IV says:

    I love sky puppies.

  38. Dave Land says:

    None of us here has even MET Merlin Tuttle, and yet he has befriended us. Thanks, Ze!

    Also: "Butt weight. Sorry … But wait! There's more!" Jerry is Ze is Jerry.

  39. Gee whiz I was wondering what to do with this dollar just sitting on my desk. Problem solved. Thanks ZeFrank!

  40. V4Vonnie says:

    Just want to shout out Megabattie on YT located in Australia who does lots of rescue and re-release for bats.

  41. Ningyou NK says:

    I really hope there's a full-on reaction video from Merlin Tuttle somewhere on Youtube xD

    Also, I now realise zefrank is not just great at explaining animals. He's amazing at explaining people too. A whole new world has unraveled before my eyes, and now I kinda want history lessons on top of zoology, to be honest XD

  42. Linen Gray says:

    My poop is named Felicia.

  43. ZeFrank, you are awesome! You definately brighten my day!

  44. Wikes Strig says:

    He almost killed himself in the end of the episode!?!?!

  45. takkycat says:

    My mom spent the last years of her life volunteering for a Texas bat rescue, Bat World. They really are amazing animals!

  46. E D L O says:

    Good content, good reason to donate

  47. A conservationist that actually understands human nature, economics, ecology, and knows how to communicate it in a friendly non-condescending and non-confrontational way? He has my $10 for sure!

  48. T Kong says:

    Donde esta Bruce Wayne cuando se necesita? .