Use a Directional Antenna with ESP8266-Based Board [Tutorial]

March 13, 2021 by 21 Comments

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How to Fix a D1 Mini Pro for External Antenna Use
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 213

Directional antennas are a great way to put all of your Wi-Fi power in one direction, and they’re useful for long distances or hunting down the source of a Wi-Fi signal. Unfortunately, using the antenna connector on the ESP8266 to add an antenna of our choice involves changing a resistor on the device. We’ll show how to do this so you can add your own antenna to a D1 Mini Pro with an antenna connector!

Stand options:

Microscope with stand option:

Hot air rework stations:
Newacalox New:
Newacalox Old:

D1 Mini Pro with antenna connector:

Panel antenna used in the video:

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21 Replies to “Use a Directional Antenna with ESP8266-Based Board [Tutorial]”

  1. A says:

    Waiting for the “first” comments

  2. Talal Jamil says:

    Hi my unblinking friend

  3. Muthu Sp says:

    Very interesting bro

  4. Med Amine says:

    Now we’re talking !

  5. Peter Dodge says:

    also waiting…

  6. Why not cut the track to the inbuilt antenna and simply bridge the open link?

  7. There's a cool video that makes me think of this setup that's called "building a camera that can see Wi-Fi"

  8. Martin Dye says:

    I guess not the end of the world if you lost it. Use a bit of wire?
    This is a soldering nightmare by the way. Even the heartbeat moves the tweezers.

  9. Lee Kootala says:

    The only dude on YT who blinks once every 30 minutes

  10. Ed Gregory says:

    I believe you could just bridge the gap after removing the resistor.

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  12. Why couldn't you just use a blob of solder to bridge the two if they're that small?

  13. Towelie says:

    This is dope thanks for the informations

  14. Nice video 👍 👍

  15. GCM says:

    wouldn't a solder bridge work (easier) instead of a 0 ohm resistor?

  16. Next Project ☆ Desoldering & Reconfiguring an Intel CPU to run Windows 8 on your IPhone!

  17. TERA_ Hz says:

    Correct way
    Wrong way
    Correct way
    Remimds me the USB meme 😂😂