50 Replies to “Casually Explained: America”

  1. Chuck Zisk says:

    I'm not familiar with this channel. Is this supposed to be satire/irony, or is this video just wildly inaccurate?

  2. waytuck says:

    I love how casually explained destroys BOTH political parties beliefs, this is true equality 😌

  3. Schinkenkeks says:

    at 4:15 where did the one dude in the scooter go?

  4. SonOfPsalms says:

    Don't agree with this guy but shit he's funny

  5. Theothe1st says:

    America is cool


    Someone that age wouldn't be able to afford the tax stamp for full auto guns, just one of them is like 200 bucks. The teenager would be using his dad's unsecured guns instead

  7. All I have to say about this, is Merica!

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  9. You know Hawaii exists right?

  10. Spartan says:

    omg he actually has an onlyfans account

  11. Sinvex says:

    I can show you data that says lockdowns made things far worse, studies in medical journals that say masks are a joke, and another that'll show you HCQ would have been a game changer. As Uganda where the shit is taken like candy for malaria already, with the pop of cali, yet all but untouched by the rona.

  12. So no one gonna talk about where the guy in green went

  13. The south overall did not want blacks to be free, hence the war.

    And Canada feckin sucks.

  14. “It’s already a no-brainer who would win—one side collects military-grade firearms as a hobby, and the other side thinks mental illnesses are Pokébadges.”

    LOL! Makes me proud to be a Republican. 🤣

    Fantastic video 👍🏻 ❤️

  15. Platvocate says:

    Never before, have I been so offended, by something I 100% agree with

  16. The only people saying america is the greatest country in the world, are Americans. Well it is true, because Americans also believe america is the only country in the world.

  17. Troy W says:

    I'm an American and I approve this message. 👍

  18. I hope he makes a video about the Israel and Palestine situation.

  19. Gerald says:

    As an Asian this is really what I imagined America was like

  20. ubuntuber says:

    charlies therone, emma stone, dakota Johnson, please include them in your future videos..

  21. “Black people should be free”
    North: 😊
    South: 😬

  22. Fei Yang says:

    "One side collects firearms, and the other thinks mental illnesses are Pokemon badges." That got me so much because it is so genuinely true, one loves their guns, one loves to label themselves anything they can possibly think of.

  23. Atlas says:

    "Black people should be free"

    The south wasn't arguing tha- oh wait HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  24. Chaz titan says:

    no way do i believe that the number "died" from covid is true.
    when the guy sharing my fathers room at the nursing home had a heart attack but was listed as a covid death…..NOPe i wonder now how many actually did

  25. Foz says:

    Me who is american: i n t e r e s t i n g

  26. That churro thing had me ROLLING

  27. badruins says:

    natievr amermrixan$: nooo pls nooo
    amemerixan$: yee yay!!!

  28. Is it sad, the fact that I looked at the 1.2 Million price-tag for the house, and I didn't even flinch?

  29. Zone Dron says:

    no it would be lower. acording to the cdc for most ages covid is less deadly then the flu. the only exceptions are very old people and kids 2 and under, covid is more deadly then the flu for these ages. this year record number of sucided, alchoal abuse, drug abuse, spousel abuse, and unemployment has whent up by alot. people including my great grandma died because they wouldnt go to the doctor because they were scared of covid ( they died from things that could have been prevented if they whent to the doctor) also covid deaths are inflated because they count deaths that have covid as a secondary cause. for example if i had covid but i got shot in the head, i would be counted as a covid death. not to mention gyms are closed down, and 70% of people who died from covid were obese. all this evidence suggest that if we didnt have the lockdowns less people would have died. also this year massive corpotations have made a shit ton of money, while avreage people have struggled. the lockdowns have increased the wealth gap between the uber rich and average ( in the favour of the uber rich).

  30. B H says:

    I think you forgot about the massive income inequality and the FAKE democratic system. Dude dont listen to our news public mainstream media. They paint the same political dogma of "left" and "right" and point out niche groups like SJWs as being "extremist leftists" when in reality most leftists here in the US are socialists and we want our wealth equality back. (me being an anarchist, not a socialist but close enough) our political spectrum is much more diverse than what mainstream media paints it out to be. This is to distract you from the real problem which is wealthy people buying out the government and exploiting us for profits. Most americans are aware of this to an extent but most of those think "its just a few bad apples, and the system is flawed" when in reality it works as intended.

  31. I live in New Zealand. It's weird but I got excited when I heard new Zealand in the media

  32. Manav Patel says:

    It ain’t perfect but it’s home

  33. USA has double the amount of deaths per capita than UK for COVID-19
    America is bad. Or to be more specific, Trump is the worst President in the history of the USA.

  34. pau10 says:

    I can't tell if the VPN thing is part of the video or just an add. Anyways I think I need that shit

  35. TommySoBored says:

    As a person from America ( Texas ) I can back it. People will tell you about there whole loves if they had the time 😂

  36. David John says:

    As a trump supporter I can confirm that the earth is flat

  37. FireClaw says:

    US government when you smoke cigarettes when you 18, which can give you lung cancer and even kill you: You good fam!
    Us government when you have one shotglass of alcohol when your 18: I'm gonna have to stop you right there.

  38. you fooled me with that double entendre. Had to go to the comments section and listen to people smarter than me.

  39. Bill Ke says:

    So no one is mentioning the onlyfans link at 2:06.. so accurate

  40. KG says:

    lol 2:06 is just tumblr vs 4chan and im dying

  41. Selofeals says:

    play dragon ball fighterz

  42. “There are the ones that think trump is the lord and savior of God’s flat earth”

    Jesus Christ, he just killed all the trumpsters

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  44. mArco says:

    Imagine this video was made during the cold war… wouldn't be looking so good for this man 😂

  45. NoLongo says:

    That couple absorbed the other man in line.

  46. ohio coder says:

    when are you doing the cgpgrey version of this video?