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24 Replies to “food.”

  1. Bruh says:

    I'll let you in on a secret.

    We just don't want to serve ice cream at particular times. Most of the time the machine actually works, just that its really annoying to serve it all the time.

  2. blind idiot says:

    Alright alright so basically a McDonald's worker said that it actually takes quite a while to clean the ice cream of bacteria, the more you know

  3. I used I work at a maccus and I get asked about the ice cream machines alot. The reason they "don't work" is because they go into 'self clean' mode (can't remember the actual name) once every 24 hours, during this the machine is useable but your gonna have boiling hot ice cream liquid instead of the usual soft serve.

  4. I’m curious why you think games will fail if they have long titles? I’m not saying your wrong just curious why you think that.

  5. why is he firing nukes at my primary school

  6. Ryan Smith says:

    I like motherless more

  7. Meiiohi says:

    The ranting about mother made me remember the killer citrus rockstar, now I'm sad I'll never get to taste it again

  8. Pirate Jack says:

    The capsules are already a thing you can poop gold

  9. Oh, food! I remember that stuff. I was so young back then; eating food, throwing food, begging for food, eating people as food. Good times. I miss food.

  10. Lt Downs says:

    So i used to work at a maccas, a pretty small one. The ice cream and shake machine both came out of the one machine however at the back on top there were 2 seperate compartments for both Ice Cream and Shake hoppers, so often, at least once per day, someone would put ice cream mix into the shake hopper and it would shut the whole machine down for about 45 mins, because of that and just general use/not wanting to spend unecessary money on new machines these old worn out machines would break down a few times a day as well


  12. 2022 who's here?🙂

  13. Danman350 says:

    werewolf: the apocalypse is one of the books for world of darkness, an rpg system. earthsblood is named like that because there's multiple things derived from that book. it doesn't do good outside its target audience because it caters exclusively to that audience.

  14. endings always get me

  15. Devon Payne says:

    Working at McDonald’s and then watching this was surreal

  16. “Small brand”
    Is owned by Coca Cola

  17. Those Mother cans are like the Catalogue of Ships from the Iliad.

  18. Carter Adams says:

    So around 17:30 ish they talked about eating the food dye to turn everything blue. That's a thing but with gold rich people will buy these gold capsules and eat them and it turns their poop gold.

  19. Sven K says:

    Remember, nord russian

  20. The video title is 'food.', yet they dedicate about half the video to talking about an energy drink.
    Never change.

  21. The McDonald's ice cream machine gets cleaned once a day if you are lucky. Mostly likely it is broken down because it's too gummed up with dried ice cream mix….

  22. Bloodprince says:

    actually ice-cream machines have their own cleaning system, however the thing is it takes fucking AGES to clean properly and it also gets to very high temps, so they can't clean it and then get it cooled down fast enough to then work as an ice-cream machine again in a reasonable time, so usually they say the ice cream machine is broken since thats an easy way to make sure they don't have to use the machine, either because they can't be bothered to have it cleaned or because its currently in its cleaning mode