IBM Industrial Computer: $10,000 PC from 1985

April 2, 2021 by 30 Comments

Checking out the IBM 7532 Industrial Computer, introduced in May of 1985 at $6149. Prices only went up from there, easily surpassing $10000 for a decent setup with EGA and a hard drive! It’s one monster of a rackmount 286, built for use in professional environments like factories, power plants, and alongside mainframes.

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30 Replies to “IBM Industrial Computer: $10,000 PC from 1985”

  1. skudzer1985 says:

    I wonder if you could lubricate or change the fans for a quieter experience, although I'm sure the noise is part of the fun.

  2. Haweater says:

    4:50. The "blue" cases look like the colour came from a peel-away protective film… look closely at the corners.

  3. netraven5000 says:

    That combination desk lamp alarm clock thing intrigues me…

  4. Thing is straight out of Fallout. I love it

  5. h91 says:

    3:00 I do like a big knob tbh

  6. GentryBa1 says:

    Maybe the nicest IBM from your collection, Clint! FREAKIN' LOVE IT!!!!

  7. Story time! This was my first go at "PC Modding".

    I had a IBM AT 5170 that I upgraded the hell out of back in 1995. Tossed in some multi-card from a Packardbell that had a 14.4K modem with sound blaster compatible audio. IDE Controller Card with a 50MB Hard Drive. RAM card that gave it 1MB of RAM. Had found a 286 CPU from IIT that ran at 10 MHz and a intel 287 co-processor, or was it the other way around. I even found a set of MrBIOS brand BIOS chips from some broken 286 Motherboard and worked just fine. I so wanted VGA graphics but I was only able to source EGA. The cherry on the top was I got ahold of a IBM 7532 case. It was rusted to hell and back with surface rust Had no idea it was gray. Sanded it all down and painted it all flat black. I left out the fan and used a 80mm fan and ran it at 5volts to make things a little quite. Darn thing was too big for my desk and had it under the desk and would rest my feet on top of it. Wonder if I still have pictures of it some where.

  8. caine kubal says:

    Does it run crisis?

  9. Send that CRT to Shango 066 he'll fix it up

  10. I wonder if the blue gun in the crt is dead. Look up shango066 for crt repairs.

  11. Fat Tiger says:

    And I thought the fans on my PC were loud

  12. OMG, I live 10 minutes from the Salem Nuclear Power Plant. Actually one my first jobs as an electrician was doing a ton of work at that plant

  13. lngambino says:

    Do you own any Compaq computers? I'd love to see some vids reviewing the old Compaq stuff. I worked at Compaq/HP for almost 20 years. Yes, since Windows 95!

  14. Mmmm.
    That reminds me of the computer on the cnc I used to work on.

    Oh wait. That IS the same computer on the cnc I used to work on…
    In 2012. 😅 they where built to last.

  15. That alarm clock you got in Thrifts is such a magical side piece to this visual feast!

  16. spiritfiend says:

    Thumb's up for the custom built woodgrain rackmount

  17. Very Awesome. Wooden case and alarm clock lamp from the previous thrift shopping….nice touch. Appreciate the Wasteland. 🙂 Playthru video, when?

  18. Pastajensen says:

    Ha! I did use those computers back in my trainee days, we made CAD drawings on one and then transferred the CNC code using floppies to the tooling machines.

  19. rbmk 1000 says:

    Given ibm nomenclature the channel adapter is probably used for connecting to mainframe peripherals like tape, punch card, line printers and such.

  20. So that's where the grey IBM Model Ms come from, I always thought that they were for different computers

  21. Visual Audio says:

    Wow that’s louder than my windows vista hardware with windows 8 installed and it sounds like it could take off at any minute 😂

  22. Rick Seiden says:

    8 MHz! I was a teen back then, and had a 286 that could run in turbo mode at 12 MHz. I remember having a conversation with a friend in 89 or 90 about how they were going to get processors up to 100 MHz and being so amazed at that speed.

  23. I see that alarm clock lamp in the background from the last LGR thrifts. Nice!

  24. There's something calming about that lovely AT/XT noise… It surely takes me back 30+ years.

  25. Hey, the 7532, wasn't that the model the time traveler Jim Titor was after?

  26. Working on this computer had to be a pleasure.

  27. Muranaman says:

    The massive card looks like a PATA connector for drives.

  28. Noah A says:

    I saw these in industrial control applications right up to around 2002 usually stuffed full of expansion cards

  29. MrBluePick says:

    I always appreciate how you find the coolest hardware lost to the ages or never heard of by the average person and make it so interesting that I want one of my own most of the time. Can't wait to see you climb through another warehouse someday for who knows what. I've had some old ram dimm's I want to send you as well, just gotta remember to do that.