LGR Oddware – Digispeech Plus Parallel Port Sound Blaster

April 23, 2021 by 17 Comments

Sound Blaster over the parallel port?! YEP. This one’s all about the DSP Solutions Digispeech Plus, a Sound Blaster-compatible sound device for DOS and Windows PCs that connects via the parallel port. It’s not restricted to simple OPL2/3 stuff, nor is it a Covox Speech Thing/DSS clone. The DS311 simply plugs in, runs a TSR, and lets you select Sound Blaster mode in classic computer games using nothing more than the humble printer port. Fantastic.

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17 Replies to “LGR Oddware – Digispeech Plus Parallel Port Sound Blaster”

  1. Thank You LGR for beeing you <3.

  2. diegooo1972 says:

    Never seen that… Excellent 😀

  3. shadows9001 says:

    Yes! Finally somthing to take my mind off work! Thank you LGR

  4. I have to admit I'm partial to weird peripherals that attach via parallel, so this'll be a treat to watch.

  5. Andres Bravo says:

    A Speech thingy! Can it say “Long Live To You”?

  6. risosrisos says:

    Wow I'm early. Gonna grab a cuppa and enjoy this with the rain outside.

  7. First here, that's very intresting hardware

  8. Just hopped on to YT in class and this was a treat to see. Guess the rest of class will be great.

  9. Daniel Lopez says:

    Damnn this thing can do all the things, seems perfect for an old 386/486 laptop.

  10. This video pushed me to buy the little brother Digispeech DS201A. 😂