NEW Auto Azalea Tree and Dripstone Farms! | 1.17 Minecraft

April 22, 2021 by 25 Comments

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New automatic azalea tree farm and pointed dripstone farm for 1.17 Minecraft Cave Update! Easy and simple to build then AFK for azalea bush, flowering azalea, azalea leaves, oak log, sticks, dripstone block, pointed dripstone.

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Dripstone cool tricks:
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Snapshot review:

0:00 Intro
0:37 Pointed Dripstone Farm
3:12 Azalea Tree Farm
10:17 Playerless Tree Farm
11:35 Outro

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Rays Works


25 Replies to “NEW Auto Azalea Tree and Dripstone Farms! | 1.17 Minecraft”

  1. Rays Works says:

    Made new automatic farms for azalea and dripstone! What cool stuff will you do with these farms?
    More Simple 1.17 Farms:

    1.17 News videos:

  2. Iroh Sawan says:

    I've just been waiting for someone to build this since the announcement! Awesome!

  3. Hello :))) Game mechanics are so interesting and I love seeing you make cool stuff out of them 🙂

  4. Silas Duus says:

    Nice video, you are very good at minecraft and i respect that

  5. Dragon Soft says:

    Hello ray it's me here

  6. That dripstone farm is so satisfying to watch running

  7. He got the drip (stone)

  8. Iroh Sawan says:

    The azalea farm could be fully automatic, are you going to give that a try?

  9. Parth Modi says:

    A farm already?!

  10. Wolfboy451 says:

    Update isn’t even close to release yet and my boy is out here making efficient auto farms.

  11. Alpha Omega says:

    the flying machine breaking the pointed dripstones was really satisfying

  12. Lezappen says:

    You can actually double the efficiency of this farm by letting stalagmites grow on the bottom of the farm

  13. Amit Parida says:

    He created farms before the update came. U r great!

  14. Brother wait for full reason or your work will be a complete waste

  15. Try to make an end portal frame farm

  16. Drek ForDer says:

    That's pretty cool but you maybe can build FULLY automatic azalia tree farm.

  17. Tony Dai says:

    Have you thought of designing a dripstone farm that harvests both the stalagmite and stalactites, instead of just the stalactites? (This is just for higher rates for the farm)

  18. now this is what ive been waiting for

  19. Ken Kajar says:

    I care less about how it looks and more how it sounds. Ohh yh…