Perfect Skeleton Spawner Auto Farm! (bones, ench armor, bows) | 1.17 Minecraft

April 10, 2021 by 35 Comments

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New automatic skeleton/bone farm for 1.17 Minecraft Cave Update! Easy and simple to build then AFK for bones, slowness arrows, diamond armor, enchanted bows using your dog. Produces 500 bones/hr.

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Rays Works


35 Replies to “Perfect Skeleton Spawner Auto Farm! (bones, ench armor, bows) | 1.17 Minecraft”

  1. Rays Works says:

    Everything you ever need from skeletons, all in 1 automatic farm!
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    Farm EVERYTHING playlist:

  2. If u place cobweb and snow lower 3 ~4 block, all skeleton will fall into snow and not stuck in water

  3. Breezy x says:

    Shouldn't a perfect one handle skeletons spawning on the spawner somehow?
    like, say, push down a piston to knock it off

  4. Casual Goats says:

    Dank bro, thanks.

  5. Cheesedud6 says:

    This farm produces 43 levels in one hour

    Rays’ gold farm: am I a joke to you?

  6. LeaoMartelo says:

    Rays! when u uploading prototech?

  7. Hubba Bubba says:

    1:48 why is there a magma block next to the soulsand?

  8. Mrudang Rana says:

    Simple but really smart desine…😂

  9. you can make a contraption on top of the spawner that flushes the mobs off it

  10. HiYourDead says:

    This is 95% efficient because skeleton can spawn on top of spawned
    Tell me if I’m wrong

  11. the killing system is so simpel yet so smart

  12. James Mead says:

    In bedrock edition now we can build wither skeleton farms just next to a spawner

  13. Callum Young says:

    This will be so good for bedrock edition witherskull farming

  14. Smit Baria says:

    Stray drop wether skul when killed by charged creeper you can also make skull farm

  15. Wasn't there a feature in Minecraft were strays would drop wither skeleton heads when blown up by a charged Creeper? Or was It only in bedrock?

  16. Jason C says:

    can you make a zombie spawner farm?

  17. You can combine the regular Bows in a Crafting Table, then use them to make Dispensers with. And wouldn't 2 Dogs fit in the Minecart, slightly increasing kill rates?

  18. Madwizard145 says:

    i mean not only is this not perfect, its not new. Its using a flawed and VERY old design, with a piece of powdered snow just stuck on it.
    The first thing you didn't do was block spawning above the spawner itself, people usually use a line of blocks going to the ceiling, you could already see how often skeletons were getting stuck there
    The second thing, and I wouldnt mention this but you specifically mentioned the dimensions, is you need to drop them much further from the spawner. Getting them to fall out of range of the spawner, as fast as possible, is super important to keep your rates high.
    The last thing is you need more than 1 dog. Skeletons with thorns will eventually kill a single dog, using 3-4 is recommended for longer afk sessions. People will also often have a toggle for longer sessions, in which a magma block replaces the bottom block via piston.

    Dont call it perfect if you are gonna ignore the basics :/

  19. DaneTheBeast says:

    10/10 amazing work as always Ray

  20. if rays goes trough this system, he will be converted to strays works

  21. # DJROMAX says:

    Why don't you place the log in the middle and place 2 dogs to increase the damage dealt.

    Ps. love your work

  22. Edric says:


  23. Pachydude says:

    Philza and Ray would make the best hardcore duo

  24. aGamingGamer says:

    The odds of you seeing are pretty low but I just wanna know if this works in Bedrock, and if no one responds I will most likely just test it

  25. æ says:

    Cool design

  26. Thanks for all the testing that went into this! Hoping I find a skeleton spawner in my snapshot hardcore world!

  27. aHotMan says:

    I thought skeletons get scared and won't shoot a dog

  28. How much the percent of getting diamond armor?

  29. This guy is an Minecraft exploiter. He is a genius 🤣

  30. hackcraft_ says:

    nice! can i have a heart on this comment

  31. What about mobs with thorns armor. Any way to offer the dog regen or instant health, beyond potions

  32. Why this channel is so underrated 😭😭😭😫