This 1.17 Minecraft farm never stops making DIRT…

April 30, 2021 by 24 Comments

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New AFK dirt and rooted dirt farms for 1.17 Minecraft Cave Update! Easy and simple to build then AFK for 2700 log, 402 dirt/rooted dirt, 700 stick, 1200 azalea/hr. With addons it becomes infinitely automatic.

World Download:

Farm everything document:
AFK Azalea Tree Farm:
Snapshot added azalea trees:
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Compost bonemeal farm:
Fish bonemeal farm:
New axolotl bonemeal farm:
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Auto Wood Farm:
Auto Snow farm:

0:00 Intro
0:33 New dirt update
2:08 Simple setup
7:41 Infinitely automatic setup
20:32 Outro

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ProtoTech Intro/outro by KK, Smokey, Heinz
Toasters by: Khappa, nkls

Ray’s PC setup:
Recorded with OBS:
edited with SVP:
Replay Mod:
Carpet mod:


Rays Works


24 Replies to “This 1.17 Minecraft farm never stops making DIRT…”

  1. Rays Works says:

    unlimited dirt machine? why not… What will you do with so much dirt?
    More Simple 1.17 Farms:

  2. Pre-D says:

    Advanced skyblock players who are looking to expand their farms (the actual ones with like wheat and carrot):


  3. After all these years….

  4. What a trash title

  5. The Z Family says:

    Taking a guess it starts with a cobble generator?

  6. Funkyllama09 says:

    Question: Why would u need infinite dirt?

  7. MisterIdk says:

    Nice but is there a way to farm deepslate? its easy to find but annoying to mine.

  8. n ziom says:

    amazing for skyblock

  9. please stop always addressing the player as he 🙁

  10. Oricalu says:

    Behold, the ultimate skyblock farm

  11. AstroJade says:

    Enderman: Thank You.

  12. mm m says:

    couldnt you use jungle/spruce trees to generate dirt?

  13. Zed_H says:

    Ray is always the Big Brain Guy

  14. Nirav says:

    This is the ultra farm

  15. Gfhy chhdg says:

    Can't the rotten flesh be turned into bonemeal?

  16. Yes now i will make my dirt house with it

  17. The player going back with the use of water is just genius

  18. EasyGoingMC says:

    Updates to the game are the best not just because of new features, but also because it adds new stuff that allows us to make new farms of old items

  19. Iygo says:

    Definitely the smartest technical minecraft player

  20. k_owen_k says:

    I think minecraft dosnt want you to farm dirt lmao, i dont know how u figured this out

  21. drg0n says:

    Ray : I made a dirt farm
    Also ray : it produce log, stone, gold, fuel source and a small amount of dirt

  22. noel jalter says:

    Yes after all of this time

  23. ATOM 2000 says:

    The problem with most farms is that they get so easy to build that I don't even watch them anymore because I don't need them and don't get tricks that help me with other builds, I think it would be nice if u hang onto quality (small, Ressource efficient, lagfriendly) in ur farms instead of farming everything