Brand NEW IBM ThinkPad 380ED from 1997! Unboxing & Setup

May 7, 2021 by 42 Comments

Well this is a rare treat! Thanks to a generous loan from an LGR viewer, we’ve got the opportunity to enjoy a new old stock IBM ThinkPad computer. Costing nearly $4,000 in 1997, it’s a mid ’90s notebook PC with a 166MHz Pentium MMX, 16MB RAM, 3GB hard drive, and a built-in floppy and CD-ROM drive. Fantastic. Apparently it’s spent a lonely life in the back corner of an office storage area, just waiting for someone to take it home and give it some love. And after over two decades, that day has finally come.

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● Here’s an archive of the hard drive and recovery boot disk:

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42 Replies to “Brand NEW IBM ThinkPad 380ED from 1997! Unboxing & Setup”

  1. Words….WORDS….LOTS OF WORDS!!!

  2. Zylph says:

    The best part of Friday is when the notification for a new LGR episode pops!

  3. I fricking love these videos

  4. Ahhhhhh, memories…i have one of these back in the day,it was LARGE,HUGE and HEAVY, but almost bullet proof and ultra reliable…

  5. Damn lol that's 2 years and a day older than me I'm November 18 99 lol but I still love old tech like this

  6. gerben333333 says:

    5 min ago! Love thinkpad!

  7. RandomRetro says:

    Perfect, finished work just in time for a LGR video and coffee!

  8. 1:56 Subtitles: "Version 1.666. [chuckles in evil]" Brilliant.

  9. ijndtrt says:

    Hrushka (Грушка) is a Slavic surname (most likely Ukrainian) which means "little pear"

  10. Another New old Stock object!

  11. RetroMTG says:

    This thing can definitely run Duke 3-D

  12. anew742 says:

    What good timing, my ThinkPad T14 just arrived the other day after a 5-month wait

    I craze ThinkPad content lol

  13. Ahh friday,and 40 minute LGR video,thank uu ^^

  14. Skip to 18:21 for a kickstart!

  15. Slava Rodu says:

    Yee lgr, u da best boi

  16. Crayo Popp says:

    Should have bought Bitcoin in 1997 instead

  17. This pc came out the year I was born!

  18. pby guy says:

    I am absolutely alive with jealousy. This is my ideal computer.

  19. “Hrushka”? Cool, someone with Czech roots!

    Also gotta love how he explains the pronunciation after his name. 🤣

  20. Ian Behar says:

    Didn't use a paperclip…

  21. Just as I searched “LGR IBM” this video that just came out minutes ago comes up so sure why not watch it.

  22. giantmonkey says:

    Would have loved one of these in 1997, oh man….

  23. Used to have that carrying case on the cover for my 770. Was pretty decent and was essentially new old stock when I got it, still smelled new. Not sure what happened to it.

  24. benneburg says:

    Clint, you've got mail

  25. AndehX says:

    [smooth jazz music] [drive buzzes] [PC beeps]

  26. chris andrus says:

    The more of these people open the rarer they get.

  27. Zeon says:

    I didnt expect LGR to upload this early in the day lol

  28. Qrani says:

    Nice! Could you try to do a video on the Thinkpad 770Z? I found two from a friend and took one for my own. They're great machines and one of the last 90's Thinkpads, and have a bunch of great features like a USB port and a 366MHz Pentium II (for the 770Z specifically).

  29. IndiGhost says:

    what a great accompaniment to a dry evening doing homework. thanks Clint!!


  31. Jim Flagg says:

    So thin. : P

  32. Mike C says:

    Back when Lenvo packed their products properly.

  33. Betcha those batteries are in prime condition!


  35. New old stock
    makes me happy

  36. @13:07 Hello Cigar Obsession

  37. "Uploaded 10 Minutes ago". Well… time to call it a week, get home and watch some LGR (it's 4:30pm where I live). Have a nice weekend, everyone!

  38. DrumWild says:

    I used to work with Matt at MySpace. Good guy.

  39. Ahh! My first laptop! First time I ever used Windows 98! Ace.

  40. OMG!!! That's why I LOVE YOUTUBE. 😁❤️