I Ordered a FAKE Ryzen 5 3600 from Best Buy

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We got our hands on what was supposed to be an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 from Best Buy and you won’t believe what’s inside!

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How to recognize a legitimate intel processor

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40 Replies to “I Ordered a FAKE Ryzen 5 3600 from Best Buy”

  1. SkippyGippy says:

    24fah pah sa linus lookin unlike 30fah pah sa

  2. Red Dragon says:

    when the cpu is sus

  3. That look alot like it's an am3 fx processor

  4. cris33311 says:

    01:20 you can see the sticker is not glued properly.
    There is a higher probability that people from poor countries to do such things.

  5. I have a core 2 quad running windows 10 better.

  6. Nob ody says:

    Aaah the classic excuse: "My brother was hacking not me"

  7. ChronosSage says:

    I have to wonder how the second half of this scam works? Do they sell a 3600 with an athlon 2 heatspeader? Do they try and sell it as predelidded? Did they somehow have or buy extra 3600 heatspreaders? Considering the athlon 2 they replaced the 3600 with I don't see this as just getting a free upgrade.

  8. Dana Gibbs says:

    I guess I got lucky to buy a 5800X off ebay for $399 (Before taxes/shipping) and actually get a real cpu. After diagnosing with CTR it ended up being a golden sample as well

  9. Robert Clark says:

    I ordered an RTX2080 from Amazon, got an empty box. It was still, apparently factory sealed, had the drivers disk, etc. I had them refund it it, went to Fry's and bought one offa the shelf.

  10. Linus: "Stop doing this"
    also Linus: Proceeds to explain in detail how to do this

  11. Jack says:

    What I don't understand is where do scammers obtain genuine R5 3600 IHS's to use on burner CPUs?

  12. hey I'm from SRI LANKA😂

  13. Bought a 3GB WD MyBook external hard drive from Best Buy online once and someone swapped out the internal HDD with an old 120GB laptop HDD that still had Windows on it. The HD case felt light and I first thought there was nothing inside. The outer box wasn't sealed so it was obviously a previous customer return that was placed right back on the shelf. BB accepted the return without an issue.

  14. The framerate seems wrong and video is slightly oversharpened 😐

  15. Damnit, i actually ordered a ryzen 5 3600 off some guy on polish craigslist and now I'm scared. Thanks Linus -_-

  16. Justin Rahme says:

    When does the LTT lint brush come out? Linus could use one.

  17. Linus didn't activate windows? 😮

  18. AdamWest says:

    I mean I ordered mine on Amazon but now I'm paranoid… thanks 😊👍🏼

  19. Jane Marry says:

    Place tobacco directly north of a tree and not a little bit towards the northwest or southeast to kill the bad blessing from bad astral travel. or going to Hell that mean guy entity lol

  20. '' 11 year old cpu'' me with my 12 year old i3 2100 😞

  21. Spaghett0id says:

    Hey dad can i get a ryzen 3600?

    No son, we have a Ryzen 3600 at home

    The Ryzen 3600 at home:

  22. Fish says:

    When the 3600 is sus 😳🤨

  23. What's up with the 24 FPS 😭

  24. Where can we get that desktop wallpaper?

  25. But what happened to the 3600 CPU that was delidded to get the IHS? It makes no sense to me.

  26. I purchased 4 Easystore drives to shuck for a home media server, 3 of the 4 were "factory sealed" and when opened had Seagate and Maxtor drives with much smaller capacity. I returned and explained to Best Buy and the manager allowed me to pick three more off the shelf and open them in front to confirm the drives were infact the correct capacity. 1 of them wasn't and even the manager was shocked. He said that returns are typically not put back in stock for sale but instead returned to a warehouse. Since these appeared unopened they were an exception and put back on the shelf. In the end, I got 4 WD Reds at the correct capacity and everything was good.

  27. Yu Jay says:

    Buying CPUs via Amazon warehouse and getting the wrong CPU isn't uncommon. People swapping the IHS lids for older generation CPUs has always been a problem with Amazon, they claim to not to recirculate returns but they do and without checking.. We have store called CEX which is basically like Best Buy and branded pawn shop and this happens with all sorts of hardware..

  28. nebuzstar says:

    a friend of mine did this alot with ram. buys at stores, swapped the stickers and returned some old garbage ram. sometimes he used same formfactor 2gb dimms and bought 16gb dimms… no one notice on return 😀

  29. Allcrafter says:

    From the notification I thought you bought it from Banggood. That would be fun too.

  30. A German cycling store made a video lately about a customer buying a high end helmet for racing, then returning a Chinese fake one. If the store had not noticed, one of their customers would be on his bike with a helmet offering no safety right now.

  31. Rafael Ortiz says:

    I got a fake 3700x from Best Buy a few months ago. This was a store pickup and the package was sealed and no noticable tampering was evident. Thankfully, they gave me no problem returning it. It also had the old AMD pin layout.

  32. My core I5-4590 with intergrated graphics runs better than the Athlon with a 2060 XD

  33. More scam tech!

  34. Eric Simpson says:

    That vise is nicer than you deserve.

    But I am glad that you have a nice one. (That’s not what she said)

  35. Νίκος says:

    you know you can unlock 2 more cores on this cpu right?

  36. beefteki says:

    We need a video about the craziest tech scams Linus and company have ever seen, pleeeeeeeeeease!!!

  37. P24p1 says:

    Video on bill c-10 when?

  38. Time to go to post about my fake 3080ti so that Linus buys it and I gets me a new one
    ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°) ├┬┴┬┴

  39. Leslie says:

    8:45 remove cpu whilst the computer is running csgo