Minecraft Mod Combinations That Work Perfectly Together

Some Minecraft mods work so perfectly together, it’s as if they were made for each other. In this video I’ve selected pairs of mods that completely enhance the game when brought together. Enjoy!

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0:00 Intro


0:32 Improved Spiders:
Spiders 2.0 –
Scary Spider –

1:27 Improved Nether Portals:
Immersive Portals –
Nether Portal Spread –

2:22 Better Forests:
Dynamic Trees –
Better Foliage –

3:24 Improved 3rd Person:
Better Third Person –
Shoulder Surfing Reloaded –

4:31 Upgraded Nether Ambience:
Sound Filters –
Kappa Shader –

5:26 Upgraded Equipment:
Tinkers Construct –
Tool Belt –

6:28 Scarier Caves:
Realistic Torches –
Total Darkness –

7:23 Upgraded Slabs:
Double Slabs –
Torch Slabs –

8:23 Better Caves:
YUNG’s Better Caves –
Quark –
Dynamic Surroundings –

10:05 Upgraded World Gen:
Biomes O’ Plenty –
Terraforged –

11:06 Outro

Minecraft Forge –


C418 – Taswell
Lena Raine – Rubedo
C418 – Dragon Fish


45 Replies to “Minecraft Mod Combinations That Work Perfectly Together”

  1. Multified says:

    Well, we need some 'better performance mod' to play with 20 render distance tho

  2. VBRT says:


  3. "this is going to make the nether a trully horrible and awful place where you would never want to go. Its Awesome!!" -Asianhalfsquat 2021

  4. Gillly1313 says:

    10 minute videos on this channel is the equivalent of getting 40 min videos on other channels 😀

  5. somebody says:

    the torch.. minecraft 2

  6. Red ChuckMan says:

    Cows exist.
    swoC exists too.

  7. Miles H. says:

    Hold on….


  8. New Body says:

    I love it when he doesn't use shaders and use default to help us see what it'll look like without shaders. I also love the fact that he's starting to combine the various types of mods to make it more interesting and exquisite. Keep it up!

  9. Axler Rose says:

    I wonder how awesome the game would be if you loaded all of these mods at the same time…. if your pc doesnt catch on fire

  10. *reees in move plus, wall jump, elenai dodge and better diving mobility wombo combo*. they should be here. 🙂

  11. faze joe says:

    The amount of times you mention Yungs Better Caves is catching up to how much you mention OptiFine lmao

  12. Shurayuki_ says:

    that sheep liked the mod too much it couldn't handle it 10:39

  13. Mal's gaming says:

    can you do a modpack playthrough????

  14. DowaHawkiin says:

    Optifine + Optifine 2.0

  15. The Repti says:

    While using the toolbelt mod, an Aether island is found in behind

  16. andronix says:

    endergetic expention is amazing with better end and immersive portals

  17. BrandyKoopa says:

    dynamic trees dosenr seem to work on 1.16

  18. SkyTWOPlayz says:

    You should play with these mods and upload it. Then do your next mod pack when you upload that mod video.

  19. ClassicGames says:

    java is SO lucky to have good mods. yet bedrock mods suck reeeeeeeee

  20. Mr_mustache says:

    I find it kinda funny how a lot of these mods literally do what Minecraft tries to do. I really hope that in the future (when Mojang runs out of ideas) Mojang is going to work more together with modders to bring these kinds of mods into vanilla Minecraft. I really think that would make Minecraft better than ever. not that Minecraft isn't already amazing.

  21. Blu D says:

    Pls stop my laptop is becoming a new cooking pan.

    Jk don't great video!

  22. qWp_deghout says:

    7:23 thats so cursed I hate vertical slabs

  23. Shoutout to dinnerbone cows

  24. Tacoツ says:

    Question! What is the preset on Terraforged that will make things closer together… So that you will not have to make your render distance high?

  25. AsianHalfSquat :- Posts Video
    Me : – Checking every corner in the intro for Mob/Animal Harrasment


  26. Hmm where is the animal abuse this time

  27. Slam Duncan says:

    Could you do an overview of anything new in the new 1.16 tinkers construct? I j is you don’t do individual mods much but it’s one of the most downloaded mods ever.

  28. the quark mod has a HUGE caves and cliffs update feel, so maybe it got inspired by it?

  29. Crash Goblin says:

    Me: sees cows being abused in the intro

    Also me: this is normal

  30. Bro I love your videos, They are soo relaxing!

  31. Caleb Jordan says:

    No one:

    Asianhalfsquat: Cow Pool Party

  32. sibiris says:

    this is so infuriating. 90% of those should have been a part of vanilla 100 years ago. Yet we get copper, DECORATIVE copper. wtf!

  33. Wojje says:

    This guy basically just made Hytale

  34. The slab combo with Absent By Design will extend that further.

  35. SPINZ says:

    Who else noticed that floating island when he was talking about the tool belt

  36. Will says:

    I love how he’s not even trying to hide the random weirdness in the background anymore

  37. Tahu Nuva says:

    AHS: they now have joints! 😀
    Me: I'm… I'm good thanks. Already triggering some latent arachnophobia with the Mirkwood spiders..

  38. Quack says:

    Does anyone know if there's a good enchanting overhaul for 1.16?

  39. Showcase the mod: Dynamic Trees +

  40. Jokūbas V. says:

    It's kinda sad that you didn't mention subterranean wilderness for the caves, as it's one of the best cave mods out there

  41. FoxThor05 says:

    Portal: is on a normal nether biome
    Also Portal: leaks some crimson nylium