The Cybiko Experience: a Year 2000 Handheld Computer for Teens

May 21, 2021 by 41 Comments

An LGR Retrospective on the Cybiko: a neon PDA-like handheld device providing wireless mobile computing for tweens and teens! This episode’s got it all, folks. Tech history, monochrome gaming, a road trip, unboxing, teardown/repair, dumb 2000s marketing, wireless chat rooms, Frankie Muniz, Windows 98 serial cable shenanigans and more. CYBIKO.

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41 Replies to “The Cybiko Experience: a Year 2000 Handheld Computer for Teens”

  1. i read that as "A 2000 year old computer for teens"

  2. Max says:

    But, can it play DOOM?!?!

  3. 2:24 What kind of purple monstrosity is that? Would make a nice meme case for an XP build.

  4. 24:00 what is this weird city with strange markings on the ground and masked people outside?

  5. Green says:

    The keyboard looks crappy.

  6. Sir Vega says:

    No one in my school had one I was the only one

  7. This 2000 version of tender

  8. I've never heard of the Cybiko and it came out when I was in my teens so I'm guessing it wasn't very popular.

  9. Is it yellow or is it green? 🤔

  10. *Sees design of the device
    Yep. Definitely late-90s early-2000s device based on those "RADICAL XTREME!!!" aesthetics and weird squiggly curves.

  11. Of course the actual cool kids at this time had Nokia 3210’s

  12. And of course LGR's brother looks like his twin and also has a YT channel 😉

  13. We in Germany didn't have anything like that. YOUR Americans were really lucky

  14. Nukleon says:

    I wonder what's on the 900mhz band these days, probably chewed up the signal

  15. Jim Faustner says:

    Ayyy, 30min long LGR on my birthday? Incredible!

  16. Aster Risk says:

    I wanted a PDA in 4th or 5th grade (2000-2001) because my mom had one. I remember the purple Cybiko, because I thought it looked so cool. I had completely forgotten these were in Big Fat Liar.

  17. C W says:

    I-rolling. I lol’d.

  18. Stan Lee says:

    Nice JORTS! Was the outfit part of the nostalgia? lol

  19. freerice9595 says:

    You can tell it’s ancient because the gender only has 2 options not 700

  20. Jitman Canth says:

    6 feet? Cybiko is perfect for Covid era communication…

  21. Their website is still up.

  22. Dipper Pines says:

    I have 2 of these! And they still work

  23. 20:24 Imagine how weird it would be if the FBI knocked on your door because someone sent something illegal like a bomb threat through your PC with that …….

  24. Shaun Jones says:

    constantly with your retro reviews I am experiencing the Mandela effect in trying to remember which of these devices I actually owned. plz send help this is hell

  25. Danny says:

    3:27 That is a very convenient amount of likes lol

  26. What was the point of having the calculator keypad on screen?

  27. Sir Vega says:

    I got bored with it in like a month

  28. savagemadman says:

    As someone who was a teenager in the year 2000, I do not recall ever seeing one of these things. We had cell phones, I saved up my pennies and bought a slightly used Nokia 7190. I also had a Newton MessagePad, but I was strange.

  29. wow za says:

    I begged for one for Christmas and was the only one who got one apparently.

  30. pby guy says:

    That black and yellow one is my early oughts jam

  31. first Radio smart phone lol. but live in town no one else have cybiko is boring life with it

  32. Walt Berger says:

    Haha "Calculator on acid" ! lol

  33. Jerod Dunn says:

    I remember wanting this when I was a kid.

  34. Sir Vega says:

    I had the mp3 player too

  35. the most delicious battery.

  36. flummox3d says:

    "i-rolling" that got me good 😀

  37. 16PADS says:

    Holy shit I had one of these.

  38. Um is luke your twin?

  39. No says:

    Holy bonkers you finally covered the cybiko!

  40. lonock says:

    Can it run doom?