The Lian Li Aquarium PC Case from 2003!

May 28, 2021 by 38 Comments

This is a Lian Li PC-6010 aluminum ATX tower case from 2003, but with the optional $99 fish tank side panel! It holds water, pebbles, plastic fish, and a bubbly pipe thing to get things moving. Yes, that means there’s an air pump inside, right next to the IDE hard drive and PCI expansion cards. And it is precisely as loud and vibration-inducing as you’d expect.

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38 Replies to “The Lian Li Aquarium PC Case from 2003!”

  1. atrocity3010 says:

    This has to be one of my favorite things I've seen on this channel. This PC definitely needs to be in the main LGR lineup.

  2. Tech Origin says:

    imagine a new hardware with that view or real fish

  3. the discoloration is calcium deposits . can clear it up easy with some CLR (calcium,lime,rust) cleaner.
    after cleaning it i'd go with mineral oil , it's one of the thinner oils so won't wear on the pump too much , it won't deposit calcium on the glass and if it ever leaks it won't fry the hardware.

    holy shit pls tell me you are gonna replace that spagetti mess with a modern modular PSU.

  4. Mega beast PC parts please modern

  5. that side panel is more interesting than the tempered glass panel we have today

  6. Lawls says:

    Completely gut it, stick a modern system in it, have ultimate gaming case bragging rights.

  7. styx404 says:

    I really enjoy your voice right now πŸ™‚

  8. DimIsHigh says:


  9. Use distilled water.

  10. Zanzibar2Far says:

    The concoction of a mad man.

  11. Can we get a fullscreen jazz 1-hour loop?

  12. Gydeme says:

    In my excitement of knowing the exact brush i commented before i should have, quality bottle brush find Clint! I want this product but in a slightly refreshed case design

  13. Deon Spates says:

    This is so nice!

  14. I love thischannel for exactly silly stuff like that. Brings me back in time!

  15. Who uses wind 98????

  16. 0.1 USB πŸ˜†

  17. I love that hp still uses the thumb scrulls

  18. I thinks that's the same prosscsor on ps4

  19. You think you can put a rtx 2060 in there??? would love to see you make a gaming/ workstation for this case

  20. me0262 says:

    6:32 Dude, save that DVD ROM, I have the same one, it should be a Pioneer DVD-106S drive, and has great CD speed performance.

  21. Tc Tc says:

    early 2000s…how tranquil


  22. I'd put a more modern pc into it with a modular psu.

  23. Scott Leitch says:

    I think the juxtaposition of the aquarium case with newer components would be really cool.

  24. I would love a really fast modern pc and use the side as a resevoir.

  25. W. A. Tbox says:

    Snails, it needs snails and maybe some plastic plants and a air stone for tiny bubbles. Wow, all the thing you could do is mind blowing. You know the thing.

  26. why the heck is there no recent the sims 4 review πŸ™

  27. MrUniq says:

    This is your son's PC from 2005.

  28. With the right type of flexible silly straw that looks like a perfect tank for storing your favorite kind of margarita during those long intense gaming sessions

  29. Di Ma says:

    best case scenario

  30. I would make a sleeper PC with modern specs. Great video.

  31. Put a small LCD monitor behind the aquarium running windows 98. And turn on the old school fish screen saver.

  32. thesinzia says:

    I'd love to see an Athlon XP 3200+ system, I had one in 2004 with an AGP nVidia 6800 GT for playing WoW and Everquest!

  33. ErK theErK says:

    Now do a real set up with mineral oil.

  34. Andre Amaral says:

    Nice case, please use it to build a kick ass pc with all the new RGB and stuff =D. If more RGB means more FPS, imagine having fish on RGB!

  35. SiHy says:

    Reminds me of Fish! from After Dark.

  36. Uchia18 says:

    I need this for my next build