Use Facial Detection & Recognition on an ESP32 Wi-Fi Camera [Tutorial]

May 28, 2021 by 11 Comments

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How to Set Up an ESP32-CAM for Facial Recognition
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 201

The ESP32 is the update to the popular ESP8266 microcontroller, which is capable of far more while still maintaining an extremely affordable price. We’ll go over how to set up an ESP32-CAM module to experiment with the ESP-WHO feature, a neural network-powered facial recognition system.

How to create the Wi-Fi Spy Camera:

Battery Shield:
Solderless Breadboard:
Jumper Wires:
Mini-USB Cable:

Other ESP32 Camera Ideas:

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11 Replies to “Use Facial Detection & Recognition on an ESP32 Wi-Fi Camera [Tutorial]”

  1. Revolz says:

    How hack target same wifi network

  2. Aakash jain says:

    Sir i am your big fan. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Aakash jain says:

    Lowest cheap wifi adaptor plzz show me yurrss

  4. madzmaxen says:

    Love content duder

  5. Ben Maynard says:

    Great video mate.👍

  6. The Real Zam says:

    How many times have you forgotten to short the pins when flashing this board?

  7. bhwolf says:

    Good to see another video on your channel.

    How could I contact you? I need some help and am pretty sure you could help.

  8. Ben Maynard says:

    If the sample pictures are various different angles of the same face that may help with detection from multiple angles?

  9. Thanks for the time to create an informative video.

  10. DrNoD says:

    2021 and he still doesn't blink. Incredible commitment.

  11. FBI !!, open up 🚔, you blinked bunch of times