Use the Deauther Watch Wi-Fi Hacking Wearable [Tutorial]

May 14, 2021 by 18 Comments

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How to Hack from Your Wrist with the Deauther Watch
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 219

The ESP8266-based Wi-Fi Deauther by Spacehun is a popular way to get into Wi-Fi hacking. It allows you to kick Wi-Fi devices off the network they are attached to, to name just one thing. On this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’re showing off the same device only fashioned into a wearable wristwatch which allows you to do some limited hacking from your wrist.

Deauther Watch v1:
Deauther Watch v2:
Deauther Watch v3:

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18 Replies to “Use the Deauther Watch Wi-Fi Hacking Wearable [Tutorial]”

  1. 06_8B says:


  2. Whats the old intro music

  3. HARNESS84 _ says:

    Got one of these last year. Its awesome

  4. CarGuyJake says:

    your videos never disappoint

  5. Dunty Boy says:

    i have never seen that man blink

  6. Aaditya More says:

    I am a big fan of what you do

  7. My Account says:

    Similar to mine, but I am using wemos d1 mini

    Nice video bro

  8. urbexemoto says:

    I'll just duct tape my pwnagotchi 2.17 to my wrist

  9. Bob Stringer says:

    Can you make a video on how to identify and protect from people that call your mobile device and insert a small script that hijacks your device

    I work with tech psychos that have hijacked my mobile many times and these assholes have the balls to text me snapshots of my GPS location and tell what website I visit. I haven't done any bank related things on my phone for over a year because of these pieces of s***

  10. Nulbyte my kali linux is not intalling on my 32 bit laptop please help

  11. And ctrl c no work for me

  12. Mark Fisher says:

    Can I just code my own firmware? Is it open source?

  13. Ryder Greene says:

    I know nothing about what this is but it looks cool.