Weirdest 1.17 Minecraft Machine! Copper oxidizer, waxer, de-oxidizer, de-waxer

May 9, 2021 by 23 Comments

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New and improved copper converter. Auto oxidizes, waxes, de-oxidizes, de-waxes all in 1 farm for 1.17 Minecraft Cave Update! Easy and simple to build then AFK for 72,000 conversions/hr.

World Download:

Farm everything document:
1.17 copper farm:
Mega drowned farm:
Simple Trident Farm:
Old Trident Farm:
Old Drown farm:
Old Copper converter:
Snapshot features:
1.17 News videos:

0:00 Intro
1:00 Oxidize
6:40 Wax
8:18 De-oxidize
12:56 De-waxing
14:25 Outro

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Rays Works


23 Replies to “Weirdest 1.17 Minecraft Machine! Copper oxidizer, waxer, de-oxidizer, de-waxer”

  1. Rays Works says:

    This weird machine does 4 unique things in 1 machine! converting 72,000 blocks/hr. What will you do with all the types of copper?
    More Simple 1.17 Farms:
    Farm everything document:

  2. TNRuwan says:

    Why do you already not have 1million subscribers?

  3. Does it work in 1.16.4


  4. B Targ says:

    I'm interested in one thing, and one thing only… and that's oxidized copper.

  5. Chris1508 says:

    Hamburger farm pls
    But not too many hoppers bc my friend logged out with most of them

  6. Elliot Flint says:

    You deserve way more subs.

  7. Mkgames says:

    @Rayworks where is the world download?

  8. Abhijith S says:

    Wow cool machine

  9. neru says:

    there some farms i will never make but watching Ray's videos is SO cool that i need to, congrats for the great content dude

  10. Edric says:

    Ray:Farm take it or leave it

  11. This might be the first practical Trident based machine I seen on Java

    Bedrock on the other hand – Tridents are used for AFK XP Farms due to a quirk on how they interact with pistons on that platform
    (Nothing mean just an observation I'm making going from Technical Java Edition to Technical Bedrock Edition since I do play both)

  12. Ray can you make a charged creeper farm with using the machine you made.
    The trident part is very useful in case of making an skeleton farm please reply

  13. Sorry skeleton horse farm

  14. ATOM 2000 says:

    The loader (what u use to place the copper) xD there are so much better designs out there (even the one on my channel but that is not the best in the slightest)

  15. Chris says:

    Copper blocks will actually oxidize faster if they are at least 5 blocks away from any other copper block

  16. Such a nice design. Well done Ray. Really excited for 1.17, certainly not going to do what I did with the Nether Update and go through the snapshots – so will definitely wait for the final release.

  17. spazestudios says:


  18. Ray life in a sentence — eat sleep redstone repeat

  19. Honestly this channel is very underrated

  20. This is so cool!