You CAN’T buy AMD’s best product…

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AMD has had APUs for a long time, and in the middle of a GPU shortage, they’re more relevant than ever. So why are the best APUs they’ve ever made not for sale?

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46 Replies to “You CAN’T buy AMD’s best product…”

  1. Lixx says:

    my msi rx570 8gb which I envisioned as my running gpu for at least 3+ years till I save for a better system and setup is literally double the price on ebay
    msrp – £150 ebay price – £350

  2. Rednassie says:

    Oooooh, that's why I have a motherboard with an HDMI connector despite the 3000 and 5000 series Ryzen not having IGPUs

  3. The links are broken on mobile

  4. ryan paxton says:

    Not a fan of the added mouse click sound effects

  5. Linus : Worthless cards like the GT 1030
    Me : Angry LowSpecGamer noises

  6. Meanwhile the RTX 2060 are double the price.

  7. It seems like you could get a 760 for barely more than a 750ti and double your performance.

  8. the GT-710 is only good for PhysX acceleration, nothing else

  9. Aaron Risner says:

    Impressive how much linus drinks from that bottle but doesn't start sluring his words

  10. Smashing the gpu I can only afford

  11. I overclock my Llano APU in my laptop back in 2011. Ran New Vegas at 60FPS just fine

  12. erik avila says:

    Can make a 800 dollar pc build

  13. Shooter Q says:

    A month ago, I had a tracker on a 4750G that I wanted for a build… $350USD from Korea or $300USD from Russia. I figured I'd wait until prices came down. Checked again today and both prices have gone up by $100 to $150 USD.

    Decided to stick with 3700X and Quadro NVS 295 ($10ish on eBay) for the time being… the advantage of the 4750G would be a TDP that an SFF cooler can handle without modification, while the 3700X needs an undervolt to stay within a safe range.

  14. I mean theoretically….. if you buy a 3090 at scalper prices and you mine with it….. youll make the difference back in a few months….

  15. Kevin Medina says:

    AMD is soooo freaking good. Not. How much AMD is paying you? You are earning every penny. Congrats.

  16. A possibly major down side of Rayzen APUs is that none of them (even 5000) supports PCIe gen. 4, so bye bye high performance SSDs. On the other hand i5 11600K offers competitive performance, and has both, PCIe gen. 4, and a fairly decent iGCP, but doubles as a space heater, and has no meaningful upgrade path…

  17. SantiMax says:

    Youtube subtitles: So we ran a second test at 10 ADP

  18. My concern is going to be if AMD actually releases the new APUs at a reasonable price. What they pulled with the 6700 XT gives me doubts. Right now both companies are playing consumers by pricing things at whatever they want, and it's a dangerous precedent going forward.

  19. Well can you not just buy a prebuilt and take it the APU out from it?

  20. Data Planet says:

    3400G right here 😃

  21. Who's given up and just waiting for RTX 40XX cards?

  22. 750ti… i still have one of those and it runs red dead redemption… barely

  23. im from tunisia and we can buy these easily

  24. i'm waiting for a ryzen based apu to build my new nas/plex server with

  25. dieKatze88 says:

    Isn't it a little disingenuous to post this but not talk about the vastly improved performance of the new Xe graphics on Intel's latest chip?

  26. Thats the last straw! I am sick of everyone shitting on FX CPUs! Without their existence…I would never had been able to afford my last gen PC…I am very grateful for my FX 4170 turned into an 8370 CPUs ten years ago…hell…I just built an 8350 system for a browsing PC for my Uncle who never games and he is blown away. I am sick and tired of the undeserved hate just because Intel was making the best.

  27. Potting Soil says:

    I had a Llano APU back in the day, had planned to use it with my Radeon HD 2600 but was surprised to find out the APU was a little bit faster. At the time it played some games at 50-60 FPS at Low/High performance settings. As an example, I played Skyrim on that sucker and was getting 50-55 FPS. Sure I had to turn down the Shadow quality until it was next to nil – but it worked just fine xD

    No comparison to a real GPU, when I got my R9 280 in early 2014 it was leaps and bounds faster but back in 2011 those little APUs had some damn good value.

  28. Keegan L says:

    I've built 2 systems for family with the 4650G and one for myself that I use for everyday stuff. They really are awesome CPUs and you can build tiny tiny systems with them and cool them passively(since they barely sip 65W and are configurable down to 35 or 45W) for a completely silent daily PC.

    And it'll run minecraft at 60fps on even an ultrawide 1080p monitor thanks to the strong CPU

  29. ReApz MSN says:

    Hi does some body now how to get a grafikcard

  30. Jo Reven says:

    I just watched an iFixit video before watching this! What a coincidence!

  31. You know these high prices will affect little families that do know nothing about computer … a trap made for that because they will buy *innocently* !

    This is where my fury is !

    Why the shortage do not began before the new products of October/november 2020 arrive ? … Full of products was available & this *right in the middle of an endless pandemic crisis* !

    Is it because nobody wanted these products ?, … really ?

    If people was in need of computer parts because of the pandemia, it was the time to buy *the Ryzen 3000, the RTX 2000 & AMD 5000* was already available & at a good price !

    Everything have been made on purpose … & you still trust Nvidia & AMD ?

    Like me, thousands of thousands people were waiting for the new RTX3000 & Ryzen 5000 products to come out just to purchase the previous versions at good price … & the shortage started right away *at the fisrt day of their release* 2020 automn !

    I do not believe the main narrative at all … & this is not what i tell to my children anyway… you know, i'm just not a seller !

    I just want to be surrounded with real progress on any aspect of this world .. for them, for me & you !

    But am i stupid ?

    2020 the Consumers was already in need of a lot of computer parts … & everything was fine !

    Now the poor have to be prepared, they will pay their electricity bill at a higher price & *you know why* … easy money will always affect other spheres of our life … it's a kind of law !

  32. MorDeurir says:

    I thought he was going to talk about the 5980hx.

  33. Dave Webster says:

    If they sell them to the public they will just sell out.

  34. Before covid I was trying to upgrade my 1060 3gb so I could put it in place of my dads 750 1gb.
    I can't believe his little GPU is worth more now than it was when we bought it new.

  35. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  36. Sellers on AliExpress sell gtx 950’s for just over $100 and ryzen 4000 series chips are available for cheap over there as well.

  37. livardo says:

    I'm fine with my r9 290x. Still plays everything I want fine.

  38. hahahaha laughs in 4650g that i actually got

  39. feeling a little bit better about my 3400g with no gpu now

  40. SinBae says:

    my gt630 is going for 300$ …

  41. AMD is busy snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  42. gearsfan6669 says:

    I honestly got really lucky with my first rig that I got for my birthday this year, it's got a Ryzen 5 3400G with Vega 11 Integrated Graphics, 8GB of RAM and my friend actually managed to find a GPU for me also, an RX570 4GB. basically it's a pre-built with a gpu shoved in it

  43. Mystic says:

    ill just keep using my 1650ti in my Dell XPS 15