All 18 NEW Automatic Farms for 1.17 Minecraft Cave Update!

June 10, 2021 by 27 Comments

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►Farm everything document:
►More Simple 1.17 Farms:
All new 1.17 automatic farms for Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update! With tons of new items, mobs and blocks we made ways to get everything easily. Check out the links for more details.

World Download:

► How to get all 1.17 items/blocks/mobs:
►1.17 News videos:

0:00 Intro
2:24 ►Hanging Root Farms:
4:13 ►Dripleaf Farms:
5:28 ►Glow Lichen Farms:
7:10 ►Moss / Bonemeal / Fuel Farms:
9:36 ►Azalea sapling Farm:
10:36 ►Glow Berries Farms:
12:42 ►Dripstone Farm:
13:30 ►Azalea Tree Farm:
14:40 ►Rooted Dirt Farm:
16:00 ►Azalea Leaves Farm:
17:34 ►Glow Squid Ink / Axolotl Farm:
19:38 ►Copper Farm:
21:13 ►Amethyst Shard / Cluster Farms:
23:38 ►Powder Snow Farm:
25:23 ►Oxidized / Wax Copper Farm:
26:24 Outro
——————————–Bonemeal Farms———————————————–
Simple Iron Farm:
Compost bonemeal farm:
Fish bonemeal farm:
New axolotl bonemeal farm:
Skeleton bone farm:
Auto Wood Farm:

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Rays Works


27 Replies to “All 18 NEW Automatic Farms for 1.17 Minecraft Cave Update!”

  1. Rays Works says:

    Automatic farms for all new 1.17 items, mobs, blocks! Which one is your favorite?

    More Crazy Simple Farms:

    ►Farm everything document:
    ► How to get all 1.17 items/blocks/mobs:

  2. Flop5sy says:

    I am only getting more excited when I see a new farm hahaha

  3. Kal_43 says:

    So ready to build a shulker farm!

  4. noel jalter says:

    I'm 13s viewer
    It's not good it is?

  5. cr33p3rface says:

    Devs: Let's create a mob so dangerous nobody will even go near-
    Rays: Proceeds to make a farm for that mob

  6. ATEMVEGETA says:

    Why the shulker farm isn't mentioned?

  7. FBI says:

    Wishing you to reach your dreams, and reach success one day :@!

  8. Raysworks after almost every Minecraft update that comes out: Hold my beer 🍺

  9. Omnivex says:

    This update is great but the axolotls killed all the tropical fish in my big ocean aquarium :(((((

  10. FlatMouse says:

    In the image with all the possible items in 1.17, I see a bundle and well you can’t get that.

  11. When I hear warden farm I think wait… isnt the warden useless

  12. Nic Ansell says:

    Hey Ray, I did not discover this, but I have heard that big spruce trees can grow on moss, and thus produce infinite podzol, automatically!

  13. mors says:

    new farms just like that

  14. Rays works is the most pog mc youtuber

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