Carrot Bacon – You Suck at Cooking (episode 129)

Carrot bacon. It’s just like real bacon, except more authentic.
Check out Nicole Rossetti le Strange’s original carrot bacon recipe here
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And check out Tabitha Browns viral Tiktok carrot bacon here

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If you want me to write out my version of the recipe just remind me in the comments because I’m gonna go to bed okay thanks bye.

But honestly just use one of the other recipes that started me on this Carrot Bacon journey. Or maybe I’ll write it out. I dunno we’ll see how tomorrow goes. You never know what’s gonna happen up in here.


34 Replies to “Carrot Bacon – You Suck at Cooking (episode 129)”

  1. Chris VH says:

    There was one time my wife made turkey bacon. A few days later, she asked me to make a shopping list. One of the items I put down was 'bacon(the real kind)'. If you're going to cook bacon, I want the real deal, not any atrocities to mankind

  2. Deadvenom says:

    Okay, I want you to know that I can go MONTHS without watching these videos, and I will STILL get this jingle randomly stuck in my head

  3. Where have u been??

  4. morgul40 says:

    more vegetarian recipes PLEASE!!!

  5. Was I the only one who cried in the end ?

  6. Hahahhahahahahaahahahahahahahahaaha the batch part

  7. Itsme pnamir says:

    Jokes aside, Carrots are quite literally perfect for this cause of their natural sweetness

  8. Ryder says:

    why add smoked paprika if youre also adding liquid smoke which will make everything smoked. Just add normal paprika next time.

  9. Ian Brick says:

    Are you becoming vegan?

  10. FU Google says:

    It's my birthday today and my favorite vegetable is carrot, you could not have made me happier

  11. Aiden Kelly says:

    yay new vid
    nay carrot bacon

  12. Roninonix says:

    YES another epic content

  13. Cereal Eater says:

    Veganism like those video

  14. Say psych right now.

  15. Ahmaddana says:

    When is fried rice

  16. JM Marquez says:

    Omg HAHAHAHAHA 2:17 I legit thought it was pig

  17. Jeremy Ngai says:

    That's not bacon, that's fake-on

  18. The Vortex says:

    I have bacon that looks like bacon, sounds like bacon, but tastes like bacon
    So does that mean that it isnt bacon?

  19. Remember when Keith rages over bacon carrots

  20. Maybe I'm demented, but my favorite part of your videos are the songs at the end. I'll be singing your carrot bacon song well in to the afternoon

  21. gwebbywebby says:

    new ysac video??!?{?!?!?! i gotta check this out…..
    update: it was great 10/10

  22. Yajaira Soto says:

    Oh man!!!! I'm so trying this!!!!

  23. Hearing you say "pepper pepper pepper" just made my day

  24. Ah yes, it is a gift from gods, here comes the CARROT BACON.

  25. Ah yes finally halal bacon

  26. Theothe1st says:

    Carrot bacon is nice, but what about bacon carrot?

  27. 코딩보이 says:

    What a nice bacon for vegans

  28. Beto Nas says:

    Could you make flower flour? Please, sankiu

  29. feh meh says:

    That is a LOT of liquid smoke.

  30. Mary S says:

    Wow! I want to try it.

  31. You’ve made a pig very happy today 🐷 ……….. carrots, not so much 🥕