I Would NOT Want to be Intel Right Now……..

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Dr. Lisa Su kicked off COMPUTEX 2021 with a bang, and there’s a LOT to talk about. So let’s do that. Sorry, Intel.

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Title: Laszlo – Supernova
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0:00 Intro
1:08 APUs are back!
4:20 RDNA2 Mobile
5:19 FidelityFX Super Resolution
6:50 AMD Advantage program
8:54 The stuff AMD wouldn’t tell us about
10:00 Conclusion


31 Replies to “I Would NOT Want to be Intel Right Now……..”

  1. NO HE CAN'T says:

    I remember when this video was called: Intel jewels or somethingh

  2. Maybe Intel will make a comeback with processors made from diamond!

  3. this video is sponsored by AMD

  4. Ken Shaw says:

    I will not have time to watch the keynote for days. Did they say whether the Ryzen 5000 APU's are chiplets or single die designs?

  5. Tristan Gray says:

    With any luck, this will drive down the price of budget iGPU processors like the i5 11400. I would rather go Ryzen but without a working video card, I need the iGPU and the pricing is rough.

  6. That thumbnail is lovely

  7. Jan says:

    While AMD has superior tech, they're still an underdog financially. Intel has 6x more revenue than AMD, their profits alone are higher than all of AMD's revenue.
    In part Intel was saved by covid and the semiconductor shortages since right now basically anything will sell even if it's inferior in every way, and having fabs helps, but even without that help it still would take years for AMD to catch up on the business side.

  8. Man, if only they fixed their drivers so Project Wingman actually runs on amd gpu's.
    I'm not kidding, look it up, it is actually impossible to finish the game because Mission 9 detects if you're using an amd gpu and crashes on purpose.

  9. Really not sure Intel are that worried by this. I think Intel are more interested in Dell, Lenovo and kin slinging endless office PCs with core i3s in them.

    Mind you. If the CIO goes home and plays games……

  10. intel really bad, amd really goood

  11. Ellypsis says:

    Intel is trash

  12. Grim Of Doom says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the new AM5 IHS gap design, is so that properly made cpu coolers interlock perfectly, to cool just the areas that are needed? (Or it’s mechanical design so that the IHS is as flat as possible)

  13. Tewks says:

    What is with these spam videos?

  14. Fidelity FX, as with DLSS.. this is the first rendition.. it needs more time and it Will either get better, or lead to something even better. Problem is game devs have to put it in their code, and if they don't, it'll never catch on or lead to anything else.. so there it is

  15. OK, I'm old but I thoroughly despise underlay muzak. Please do not continue that trend! Pretty please with sugar on top. Really, please.

  16. C3B0 says:

    Not sure if buying a hoodie is a good idea considering how hot it is these days.

  17. mad not says:

    "could there be a more beloved CEO"
    imagine idolizing billionaires

  18. Ped-Away-G says:

    intel : * emotional breakdown *
    the new CEO's got a pretty rough initiation.

  19. ritta lisa says:

    Dr Su <3 <3 <3
    “The World’s Best CEO of 2019” – Barron's,
    "Most Powerful Women in Business" – Fortune's ,
    "The Best-Performing CEOs in the World" – Harvard Business Review's,
    "A masterpeace" – IGN,

    ATI for ever <3#teamRED

  20. Athlon 6000G when

  21. The end is amazing

    That’s not the sponsor

  22. Mr Anonymous says:

    I've had amd since cyrix

  23. 157 Intel emploees dislike this video…

  24. XDSDDLord says:

    Intel isn't really in trouble with regards to 3D stacking, because TSMCs tech is for passive stacks only, like cache, while Intel's technology is for computational stacking, like vertical cpu chaplets. Intel has made CPUs with massive amounts of cache before, what they are looking to do with Foveros though is taking the kind of chiplet thing AMD did but turn it sideways-ish. Imagine an Epyc but instead of 8 computational chiplets + 1 IO die, you could have 16 computational chiplets on the same packages size. That is what Foveros is trying to do.

  25. Intel: We just wasted our money by giving them tech upgrades!!
    Linus: No problem AMD can give even better tech upgrades.

  26. RyuKim says:

    I came here to comment about the title

    "Intel's Family Jewels RN"

  27. You know you've been watching too much ltt when you can predict what his segways will be

  28. Oh wait… this is a new video I thought it was very old lol

  29. C3B0 says:

    8:57 Tesla is going to put gaming GPU's into the Tesla Model S and X for gaming. The GPU is about as powerful as a Playstation 5

  30. S and X will have a gaming computer in the back seat, to play real games while your driving around.

  31. He didn't even say the word "sponsor" and I double tapped like freaking Flash