SUPER Easy Shulker Shell Auto Farm! TUTORIAL

June 18, 2021 by 28 Comments

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Tutorial and explanation of my super easy auto shulker shell farm! This farm can run 24/7 without players and produces 36 shells/hr.

World Download:
HF shulker shell farm design:

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How to Chunk load:
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Auto Piglin Bartering Farm:
Rail duping:
First shulker farms:
Updated shulker farms:

0:00 Intro
1:30 How shulkers split
3:59 How shulker farms work
33:32 Tutorial
1:05:08 Tips
1:14:28 HF design
1:16:05 Outro

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Rays Works


28 Replies to “SUPER Easy Shulker Shell Auto Farm! TUTORIAL”

  1. Rays Works says:

    Easy way to auto farm unlimited amounts of shulker shells in 1.17! Where will you build this farm in your world?
    ►Farm everything document:

    ►More Simple Farms:

  2. LDF286 says:

    super easy ;-; ye ye Toatallyyyy

  3. The Encore says:

    Super Easy

    B r u h

  4. Corrine Wu says:

    Yooo got to this vid early lol luv ur vids so much
    btw this is really cool 🙂

  5. Hey Ray Your auto farms have been helping my hardcore world thanks❤️

  6. Anonymous says:

    Title: SUPER EASY!
    Video: 76 minutes long

  7. BARRAGE says:

    I’ve been playing Minecraft for 9 years and still don’t know what a repeater means. Yet I’m trying to do this magic machine 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. i think your first farm where they go directly into the portals is simpler (showsat this time 6:35)

  9. Super Simple Shulker Shell farm! The video: 1 hour and 15 minutes long

  10. TheRealMMR says:

    "SUPER Easy" 1 hour video

  11. SUPER EASY!! and video is about 1 hour.

  12. undead890 says:

    I see Ray and Mumbo share the same idea of what "Simple" means.

  13. I didn't updated to 1.17 because there wasn't any shulker farm
    Now i can proudly update……

  14. Madcat says:

    Thanks for the effort put into this


  16. Jochom says:

    Thanks, i was trying to replicate the one you used in the server just by using the footage.

  17. SUPER easy build! Continues to be 1 hour long

  18. This guy is the definition of detailed video maker

  19. noah mooney says:

    Does this work in bedrock?

  20. Salas17 says:

    "Super easy farm"

    Video length: over one hour.


  21. PocketNoob says:

    332nd like 🙁

  22. I literraly cant understand why you say anything simple

  23. Tonie says:

    336th like

  24. Fiftylaren says:

    super easy

    1:16h long