True Facts: Dangerous Little Ticks

June 10, 2021 by 45 Comments

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Footage from ‘The Tick Ixodes Ricinus and Lyme Disease’
licensed from and provided by
Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) :

The original footage was created by:
Dr. Franz-Rainer Matuschka, Freie Universität Berlin
Dr. Andrew Spielman, Harvard School of Public Health
Institut für den Wissenschaftlichen Film Gottingen

Dr. Uwe Sander – Director, Research
Regine Feldmann – Editor
Camera: Jurgen Kaeding, Kuno Lechner,
Michael Schorsch, Hort Witman.

Extra special thank you to Dr. Dania Richter for her time and
for her patience in helping me understand the remarkable
life cycle of the Ixodes ticks. Dr. Richter led me to the
remarkable documentary that is featured throughout this

Thank you to Dania Richter, Franz-Rainer Matuschka,
Andrew Spielman and L. Mahadevan for allowing me
the use of images and footage from their amazing work
on the feeding apparatus in:

How ticks get under your skin: insertion mechanics of
the feeding apparatus of Ixodes ricinus ticks

Special thank to Marie Vancová, Tomáš Bílý, Ladislav Šimo,
Jan Touš, Petr Horodyský, Daniel Růžek, Adam Novobilský,
Jiří Salát, Martin Strnad, Daniel E. Sonenshine,
Libor Grubhoffer & Jana Nebesářová for making their work
available through the CC 4.0 license.

Three-dimensional reconstruction of the feeding apparatus
of the tick Ixodes ricinus (Acari: Ixodidae): a new insight into
the mechanism of blood-feeding

Thank you to Graham Hickling for licensing me his excellent
footage of the egg laying process and Gene’s organ.
Check him out at:

Thank you Patrons Andrew Pann &
Rick Rubenstein for inspiring jokes,
and Tina Persson for asking that the
tick not be named Tina)




45 Replies to “True Facts: Dangerous Little Ticks”

  1. M W says:

    As someone who works at a veterinarian's office, I just wanted to let everyone know there are special tools for removing ticks so you don't have to try to grab onto them with tweezers or something, which can cause the mouth parts to get stuck in the skin. I've heard it's a safer method, but I'm not a veterinarian myself, so research accordingly.

    Also there's probably someone at the office who LOVES removing them — it's like popping a zit. We have a receptionist who always wants to do it.

  2. Toxus says:

    That moment when the subtitles can't decide between whether zefrank is saying "tick" or "dick"

  3. Buck Fiden says:

    I've pulled off 17 of these suckers since the beginning of spring, four were dug in, they are bad around me (south jersey) this year for whatever reason, not normal that's for sure.

  4. nephas kango says:

    You should do one on jellyfish

  5. xMElpx says:

    I hate the footage of the tick biting into skin. Makes me really uncomfortable.

  6. How the hell am I supposed to sleep now?

  7. Chaotic Shy says:

    Don't mind me, just checking everything for ticks

  8. I love you. but ABSOLUTELY NOT!

  9. god damn it jerry proof read!

  10. Knock Turnal says:

    turn on subtitles, thank me later.

  11. thank you for making this video, it reminds me that i need to wash my bedsheets like they are bed bugs! Gross!

  12. Just yesterday I was thinking that we haven't heard from zefrank in a long time. Well, he was busy working on this masterpiece or, arguing with Jerry and his crazy assmouth. Thanks zefrank, and Jerry.

  13. VinoBianco says:

    love it, especially the spermatophore jokes

  14. Tarage says:

    Why would you hurt us with this?

  15. Erin gemini says:

    😸Backwards facing barb…well no wonder, if she turns around & they see her SCARY MOUTH.😱 When he said " Horny Organ" I knew he was losing it…. science is weird!

  16. Com Truce No says:

    Choose your weapon:
    1 squish
    2 hydrogen peroxide

  17. daftrhetoric says:

    saw a tick the size of a fucking hermit crab last week.

  18. Josh Burns says:

    A whole bag of ticks


  20. TorQueSS J says:

    Lol “a whole bag of tics”

  21. moxigen says:

    i had one on my lil friend as i was young…
    do i need to say i hate em?

  22. bbutc says:

    So the baby ticks start with a blood drink from a mouse? Australia is F****D.

  23. endrik1982 says:

    Great vid, but now I'm all itchy and feel things on me

  24. Mike Wolfe says:

    "A whole bag of ticks"

    Anyone else remember poor Squiggles Eatabagadicks? I wonder how he's doing at the game company…

  25. BiGBam 23 says:

    My state is under tick attack and I had to napalm my yard

  26. Knox says:


  27. brick sloth says:

    You have the best videos ever. Anywhere. Absolute legend, man

  28. MAN! I love a good ticking

  29. I'm just here to say f*ck these little hellspawn. And stay for the commentary.

  30. Betty Boop says:

    You should do bed bugs

  31. Can we talk about the outro sog tho?

  32. Jojo97 says:

    this episode reminds me of Deck maintenance

  33. billyc call says:

    Nothing like scratching that itch only to find a lil tick

  34. FireLeaf says:

    I have waited for this for way too long

  35. Jimothy Ross says:

    40 seconds in and I'm not sure if this is their most juvenile or genius one yet.

  36. dantebayo says:

    Damn it HAS to be illegal for them to be walking with all that ass

  37. I appreciate how specialised ticks are and how they probably play an important role in their ecosystem. I also know that nothing chooses the way it is born and has to live.

    At the same time let me just say ASKFGTSKNVVSADFHNS EEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW T^T

  38. Man some of my distant cousins horrify me greatly😰

  39. 2DMNSERIOUS says:

    I was wondering when we were going to get a video full of “tick jokes” 😛

  40. J C says:

    Sponsor messae = toilet paper from hell!

  41. EJBarron says:

    Your shirts aren’t big enough!

  42. Skarm227 says:

    i am never leaving the house without bug spray on again