Best Way to Kill a WITHER in 1.17 Minecraft [1 minute build]

July 9, 2021 by 36 Comments

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Easy and fast wither killing setup using dripstone! This is the best way to kill withers in 1.17 and only takes 1 minute to build.

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Wither cages playlist:
Impulsesv wither killer setup:
Wither killer with anvils:
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Beacon farm:

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0:00 Intro
0:35 history of this wither killer
3:02 tutorial
7:19 fast kills tips
12:48 Outro

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Rays Works


36 Replies to “Best Way to Kill a WITHER in 1.17 Minecraft [1 minute build]”

  1. Raysworks accidentally speedrun minecraft. Very cool way to kill the wither rays 🙂

  2. Joker_1005 says:

    I once again petition to change his name to BigBrainWorks (first btw)


  4. Rays Works says:

    Easy and fast wither killer in 1.17! What do you think is the hardest thing about wither?
    ►More Crazy Minecraft Tricks:

    ►1.17 Simple Farms:

  5. Nono Bobo says:

    Love the fact that he's so talented in minecraft that a member of mojang comes visit him

  6. They need to make wither stronger imo, I took out 3 withers at the same time on the hard difficulty without even using potions, they need to make him more, challenging

    [Talking about JE wither]

  7. Zicknious says:

    Made ma day pal…..
    Love from India 🖤

  8. Ben Goodwin says:

    Would this work on the dragon when it's not perching? I guess you wouldn't be able to reliably get it to stay under the dripstone unless you made a giant array of them. I assume it has to not be perching because it deflects arrows when it does that

  9. S.S S says:

    Im 587th!!!

  10. Oit Thegroit says:

    It's that easy? I thought the either required at least fully enchanted diamond armor, sword, and potions to defeat lol

  11. Black White says:

    Imagine killing the ender dragon with a pointy falling rock

  12. Ray is a genius! I cannot imagine what he could do if he had to code Minecraft. It would be amazing.

  13. Ben Goodwin says:

    I would think it would be much easier to just make a small platform to stand on at the top so you don't fall off, instead of having to go to the very edge of the block and risk messing with that trapdoor glitch

  14. I don't like this. I consider this an exploit. I think Mojang will have to tweak a little bit Wither pathfinding so it will not just foolishly stay on top of a pillar and instead wander away after some time. For God sake, at least tweak the Wither AI to move a bit if it is attacked by an unknown source. The Wither is a very important entity in the Minecraft Lore, and should not be humiliated like this.

  15. Titos Pap says:

    What if there are mobs nearby and the wither will try chase them?

  16. 123DJ321 says:

    "The Wither on Bedrock is slightly different from Java"
    Yeah, slightly, only double the health and summons withe skeletons

  17. MrBodeci says:

    due to poor spawn chances and being fairly new to minecraft i have been using drip stone in place of magma blocks in my slime farm best pattern i found was in the shape of the 5 on a die and replacing the stone with magma blocks as i find them in the over world

  18. ASHDOES says:

    You should make a sperate vid for the toutorial cuz many people watch to make op farms in their worlds
    BTW yuor vids are amazing and gl reaching 300k

  19. The wither just couldn't handle the drip

  20. Leviathan says:

    Rays videos are so helpful and he seems to have a tutorial for every occasion
    Thanks for all you do

  21. Fast,before the clips channels say they discovered.

  22. inval says:

    a 1.17 Wither Killing Speedrun would be great using this.

  23. Who's the one mf who disliked?

  24. RaDaEsOr says:

    Grian be like: Oh it's okay I never even exist

  25. Rays works does this work on bedrock?

  26. Millo Cracy says:


  27. Airoon says:

    the one dislike is a wither

  28. Sayak Panja says:

    This video actually tells how much friendship is between you and impulse…lots of respect